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    Linebackers yall. You will see I have separated them out from the ones who primarily pass rush because the purpose of the lists is to show all the talent that we have in the league. These guys play off the ball, They play in coverage, they sniff out the run.

    Please keep in mind these rankings reflect their talents this year just as much as how they ended last year plus your rookies joining the league. These are not the 2019 rankings people. Heres your top LBS !

    1. Bobby Wagner, Seattle
    2. Darius Leonard, Colts
    3. Eric Kendricks, Vikings
    4. Lavonte David, Bucs
    5. Corey Littleton, Vegas
    6. Leighton Vanderesch, Dallas
    7. Demario Davis, Saints
    8. Deon Jones, Falcons
    9. Fred Warner, 49ers
    10. Jaylon Smith, Dallas
    11. Roquan Smith, Bears
    12. Tremaine Edmonds, Bills
    13. CJ Mosely, Jets
    14. Beanard McKinney, Texans
    15. Blake Martinez, NYG
    16. Christian Kirksey, Packers
    17. Jayon Brown, Titan
    18. Shaq Thompson, Panthers
    19. Joe Schobert, Jaguars
    20. Danny Trevathan, Bears
    21. Jordan Hicks, Cards
    22. Kwon Alexander, Niners
    23. Devin White, Bucs
    24. Jamie Collins, Lions
    25. Zach Cunningham, Texans
    26. Devin Bush, steelers
    27. Dontae Hightower, Patriots
    28. Isiah Simmons, Cardinals
    29. KJ Wright, Seattle
    30. Anthony Barr, Vikings


    🏳️‍🌈BONUS🏳️‍🌈 TOP 10 LB CORPS NFL 

    1. Seattle Seahawks
    2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    3. Dallas Cowboys
    4. Indianapolis Colts
    5. Las Vegas Raiders
    6. Houston Texans
    7. Minnesota Vikings
    8. Denver Broncos
    9. San Francisco 49ers
    10. Tennessee Titans





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