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    Ah yes, offensive line, the most boring position in football. Who is good? We dont actually care what their names are. Until they fuck up or are complete trash. All that said it is one of the most important positions in the game with the capability to make undrafted guys like Mostert look like starting RBs.

    Please keep in mind these rankings reflect their talents this year just as much as how they ended last year plus your rookies joining the league. These are not the 2019 rankings people. Heres your top 25 Offensive Lineman !


    1. Taylor Lewan , LT
    2. Ronnie Staley, LT
    3. Quentin Nelson, G
    4. Mike Schwartz, RT
    5. Lane Johnson, RT
    6. Zack Martin, G
    7. Rodney Hudson, C
    8. Tyron Smith, LT
    9. Jason Kelce, C
    10. Joe Thuney, G
    11. Brandon Brooks G
    12. Trent Brown, RT
    13. Ryan Kelly, C
    14. Terron Armstead, LT
    15. Anthony Castanzo, LT
    16. Brandon Scherff, G
    17. Ryan Ramcyzk, RT
    18. Trent Williams, LT
    19. Jason Peters, LT
    20. Orlando Brown Jr, RT
    21. David Bahktiari, LT
    22. Erick Mccoy, C
    23. Ali Marpet, G
    24. David Decastro, G
    25. Larry Tunsil, LT



    ­čĆćBONUS ­čĆć Here are your top 10 Offensive lines:

    1. Dallas Cowboys
    2. Las Vegas Raiders
    3. Philadelphia Eagles
    4. New Orleans Saints
    5. Baltimore Ravens
    6. Indianapolis Colts
    7. San Francisco 49ers
    8. Tennessee Titans
    9. New England Patriots
    10. Green Bay Packers


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