49ers: A New Hope

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    I think we had enough of that “knowledge” on the last post.

    49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is just like Tom Brady, only more mobile. Garoppolo has left the protective womb of the New England Patriots, with more than three full seasons soaking up knowledge from the only quarterback to win five Super Bowls. In fact, Jimmy G is so good, that without even playing he already has two Super Bowl rings. That’s more rings than the Seahawks and Cardinals franchises combined. Sad!

    The man counted upon to be the next 49ers quarterback savior makes his starting debut this Sunday on the road against the Chicago Bears, hoping to blend what he learned from Brady with a new team and coaching staff.

    Heath Evans, an ESPN analyst and former Patriots fullback who played with Brady, said conversations with coach Bill Belichick, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and others suggest Garoppolo operated in the same way as Brady. “From my understanding, he was basically a mirror image,” Evans said. “How you study, how you train, how you rest, how you eat. How serious you take the nature of your opportunity to be in the NFL.”

    The 49ers have a better, more mobile Tom Brady. The 49ers have A New Hope.



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