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Hey, It’s Draft Day.

No, Kevin Costner is not walking through that door.  Neither is Larry Bird, folks.  Add your franchise savior here.

But you never know.  To be all cliché and rote, “every pick is making history”.  This next pick could be your franchise savior.

Consider the Browns, whose Faustian bargain with embattled QB Deshaun Watson once again netted them the biggest headlines of this offseason.  They think they’ve been saved.

Or the Steelers, who’ve allowed their past to drag into their future.  They’re dependent on guys that are undependable.  Yet they, too, should they draft a particular mobile QB early, will consider themselves saved.

The Ravens thought they had been saved in 2018.  Through sheer luck and draft awareness.  Their savior needs a bit of polishing, as the tarnish is definitely showing.

The Bengals do not need saving.  No sir.


Enjoy Draft Week!



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