An Ode to Silent “Thug Life” Bob

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    Bob is nice.

    He hikes and enjoys nature. And, although Bob metaphorically steam rolls people like an 18-wheeler, with a drunk driver drivin’, on a regular basis, he does so in a manner that is in no way motivated by race. Either way, there is still no survin’.

    It is also worth mentioning that Bob is a highly decorated member of the Grandparents Club. He is actually raising his grand kids. Any attempts to remove him from said club will result in your beer being warm and flat (from a supernatural curse, and also from my urine) for the rest of your life.

    Despite all of his qualities as a person, Bob still fell victim to a spiteful prank pulled on him by a mod (Halos) that shall remain nameless. As a favor to one of our regulars (Vegas), Bob reposted a Mariner update, in lieu of his regular update, which he had found further down on the thread. This update that Bob copied, was written with the utmost of best intentions, by one of our more ethical regulars; however, some people projected their own racist feelings and insecurities into it, and began to hassle Bob. Seeing an opportunity to troll Bob and create blogstyeria, Halos promptly featured the comment. Chaos ensued.

    Was this a one man plot carried out by Halos? Was Vegas an unwitting helper (probably)? Or, was Vegas a malicious contributor that just wants to see the world burn (probably)? Either way, the truth must be known. Bob is a good guy.

    I saw it all go down. I saw how the mob turned on Bob. And I just wanted to set the record straight.

    Munkey (Bob’s Witness)

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