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    In Case You Missed It – Volume I

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    For the last few weeks I have been taking screenshots of some of my favorite SKA comments and replies. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. [View Image Album]

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    The Dynasty That Never Was: Inside the Unraveling of the Seattle Seahawks

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    As they grew into Super Bowl contenders, the Seahawks—especially the Legion of Boom defense—prided themselves on a ruthless internal competitiveness that lifted everyone and was the foundation of an NFL championship. But some former and current Seattle players say a growing rift developed, based largely on the special treatment some felt was afforded quarterback Russell…

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    A New Article

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    Because no one’s fingers should be subjected to that much scrolling.

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    Breakfast Links: Seattle Seahawks Special Edition

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    Good morning NFC Westers! I have some great links for you all to enjoy this morning. Bon Appétit! Arizona Cardinals The Rams beat the Seahawks 42-7 Los Angeles Rams The Rams beat the Seahawks 42-7 San Francisco 49ers The Rams beat the Seahawks 42-7 Jimmy G is the Greatest QB of All Time Seattle Seahawks The…

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    Jimmy Garoppolo is the Best Quarterback in the NFC West

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    Before Jimmy Garoppolo was traded on October 30th, the 49ers were 0-9.  Now, just a few weeks later, they are 3-10. Once near the bottom of power rankings right next to DGDub’s favorite team, the Browns, the 49ers moved into the #23 spot on this week. At this pace, the 49ers will be the…

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