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    BKOB Presents: The Collapse of Reality

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    Greetings Knowledge Seekers. The World sucks now, and I think I know why. Everything that made great has been turned upside down and given a colossal swirly. We squirm helplessly while our values, ideals and social norms circle the drain before our very eyes, like so much Charmin Soft. Chaos reigns supreme and Knowledge…

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    Kristina Keal Presents: Best and Worst SKA Krunks!

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    There is a lot of debate on who is the top dog on SKA. The debate is over. Data can be used to show who provides the most and least quality of comments. We will be using one metric to determine who is the best SKA member. This metric is the comment-to-likes received ratio. One…

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    It seems like every day I am approached by Knowledge Seekers on the street who ask me “WHY?? Why does everyone LOVE Russell Carrington Wilson so very much? Why does his greatness inspire us all? And why, oh why, does his story speak to my very soul? What makes him so GARSH-DARN RELATABLE??!” These are…

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    Vikings Will Choke As Usual

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    Let’s show some support for a Blog Legend, and remember that NO MATTER WHAT The Vikings Will Choke As Usual!!!! View post on View post on View post on View post on View post on View post on View post on View post on View post on…

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    The Real BKOB Report – End of Year Edition

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    GOOD MORNING SKA USERS. IT’S TUESDAY AND THAT MEANS IT’S TIME TO ARM YOURSELVES… WITH KNOWLEDGE!!! That’s right, Knowledge Seekers, this is the Season Finale of The Real BKOB Report!! Wow, so soon? Time flies when you spend half of the season living in the woods. This is the Edition that will feature all of…

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