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    1.  * TRADE * Oakland Raiders  (w/Arizona Cardinals)  – Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio State 2. San Fransisco 49ers – Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama 3. New York Jets – Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama 4.  *TRADE* NY Giants (w/ Arizona Cardinals via Oakland) – Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma 5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Josh Allen, OLB/DE, Kentucky 6. Arizona…

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    HEY EVERYONE ITS THE TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN LETS SEE HOW EVERYONES PERSONAS HAVE EVOLVED   MFA: Germicide BKOB: Golden Hoboner Lisa: Margaret Snatcher Zippy: Peaches Bader: Leon Trollsky Tribe: Benus Nav: Ghodi Chad Vegas: Pfizer Baby Keal: The Spirituous Stalin Beaster: Beasiality Brew: Jew 30 HH: Bald Beagle Ancient: Derb Halos: Gaylos KZ:…

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    The NFL Regular season has ended with probably the most depth at starting QB we have ever seen but none are more relevant than this season’s future MVP, Patrick “SHOWTIME” Mahomes. He is the new Messiah of football. He has revolutionized the position with his unorthodox throwing ability and knack for making a play no…

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    Stallion Presents: Tribe – A Coming Out Story

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    Water Tribe Navi, better know on SKA as Tribe, is going through a dark period in his life. He is figuring out his sexuality as he braces for another tour in Syria with his terrorist friends. A theory proposed by the Honorable FJY is that he began bulking up because his frame is too frail…

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    How to Rate your Girl: The Tucker Max System

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    As an alternative to the “how many beers” or the “1 through 10” rating system, with the following 5-star scale to rank physical appearance only. There are three things that you must remember before using this scale: 1) Though personality is very important in evaluating females, in this scale it can only hurt. Too many men…

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