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Sincerely AB — AB (@AB84) August 11, 2022 My thoughts on the latest news re: Jimmy Garoppolo. — Grant Cohn (@grantcohn) August 11, 2022 Marshawn Lynch was dragged out of his car by the hood of his sweatshirt and forcibly thrown to the ground during his DUI arrest earlier this week … new…

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Kyler Murray stepped up to the mic because he had something to say… this is what leaders do. Murray making a surprise media appearance to push back on the talk that he doesn’t study and the homework clause in his contract. @12SportsAZ Here’s his nearly 4 minute statement. — Cameron Cox (@CamCox12) July 28,…

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K1 PRESENTS: SKA Election Results

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The time has come to declare a winner in the SKA Election. Many votes were cast, and many more were recorded. People both deceased and alive voted, some more than once. It was a truly incredible experience to be able to manage this election. Here are the vote totals: Mosley: Himself 2x Ron: Lisa/Rant Mars:…

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K1 PRESENTS: 2022 SKA Election

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The time has come to formally elect leaders for the SKA MAGAs and libtards. After asking various members of both constituencies, it was clear neither group saw a clearly defined leader. Some suggestions were tossed out, and if any candidates that are not mentioned here care to step forward feel free too. All votes will…

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@cmsportss Polina Knoroz Beautiful Woman Pole Vaulter Tver 2021 #sports #girls #athlete #beautifulwoman #athletics #polevault ♬ Sport Motivational(785257) – TimTaj

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