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    DGdub’s Weekly NASCAR Update

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    The Daytona 500 is the greatest race of the NASCAR season. Now that the football season is over and baseball has yet to start, we can focus on racing to pass the time. This should be a great season filled with newcomers and veterans. There are several new faces, and old faces in new rides.…

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    Callabos Presents: YOU JACKASSES

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    Let me get this straight. You just had to keep a website operational and you degenerates couldn’t even do that? No no, this isn’t derision. This isn’t crassness. The NFCN represents a lot of things but most of all ineptness. Rodgers has been at the bottom of the Brady friend list for years. Cutler had…

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    Dr. Vegas Teaches the Idiots of SKA: Basic Probability Concepts

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    A few months ago, I wrote a masterpiece article teaching you people the basics of set theory. Go back and read that again before continuing on this wild ride. Learn it, live it. I’m sure you guys at some point in your lives have heard of probability unless you live in an igloo like DGDub.…

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    In 2016, a malicious clown wanted to seize power in the free world. His desire for power had a few obstacles that had to be eliminated or neutralized. The clown had a penchant for partying and his narcissistic ego thrived on praise and adulation. Enter one Stormy Daniels, porn star, stripper, and love interest of a part time…

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    Yesterday Vegas wrote an article on why I can’t find a job. I could be mad at him but he was mostly right in his points. Except # 4 I dress decent to interviews, and do not wear shorts to them! I am not even mad because for two years I have been self reflecting…

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