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    *The “I just want to be associated with a winner” guy. You’ll see them wearing a 49ers jersey one year, and a Cowboys hat the next. This guy/gal will latch on to any team that allows him to yell “IN YOUR FACE!” at their friends and anyone else who isn’t as big of a winner…

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    The Greatest Fan of the Greatest Team; Shoeless Mariners

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    Wow. How about those Mariners? Some of you know that I am a pretty big baseball fan. Nav likes to call me the Great Bambino of baseball knowledge. To be honest, it’s always been this way. I have always been a huge baseball guy. If you asked me, I could name every single BAT BOY…

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    I’mJustaBill Presents: The 8 Worst Things To Say/Do To Someone From Buffalo

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    Disclaimer: Hi guys. I have never written an article before and I know that 90% of the people here do not read them, but please read this one. I would appreciate it. Gloat about your sports championships. Buffalo has two teams and neither one of them has ever won a championship. We are used to…

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    Way to Go, Robinson CanĂ³

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    By Sad Bob *All sad opinions and sad commentary in this sad article are the views of the sad author and do not necessarily reflect the more positive and upbeat opinions of I am still new to baseball. My interest in baseball could be called a juvenile love of baseball. My grandson loves baseball,…

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    For your listening pleasure!

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