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    MAYNARD PRESENTS: Can Russell Carrington Wilson carry a team?

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    I decided to take my morning and arduously task to find out the above question. Just how much can Russell Wilson carry the team on his back when needed? I decided to compare 3 known Elite QBs and RW to find out how well they do when their defense gives up 25 or more points…

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    Nav Discusses Why He is On SKA

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    Recently Lisa asked me why I’m on SKA. She said I was a fake fan and should ” stick to baseball”. Presumably, that means sticking to baseball blogs? Well Lisa I’ll answer why I’m on SKA. First of all, I am on baseball blogs. The Athletic baseball section, and Athletics Nation to be exact. Yes…

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    Standings: Rams 3-0 49ers 1-2 Seahawks 1-2 Cardinals 0-3 Rams update: The Rams were able to outlast the Chargers in the “Battle of LA”. Early on, the Rams built a 21-6 lead before the Chargers closed the lead to 28-20 shortly after halftime. The Rams ended up holding on for a 35-23 win. However, the…

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    iKItten Presents: Happy Caturday

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    Hey everyone welcome to Caturdays. Your weekly segment where we discuss such things as the Flacco Renaissance, Mahomes MVP watch, and the decline of the NFCW quarterbacks. Today we are going to focus on the match up of the week: The San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. This game is a matchup of…

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    Babaji’s Friday Article So Bob has Something to Read

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    First of all, let me say that as a SKA writer, I’m completely fair and balanced and unbiased in my coverage, unlike SOME BIAS writers, and I also never miss deadlines. Even when they’re imposed without my knowledge, BOB. So today, we’re going to talk about the dirtiest play in NFL history. As a reference…

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