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    The Seattle Seahawks showed off impressive depth on Sunday Night, grinding the cuckold Chargers into oppression. Those bastards couldn’t hang cause we’re the shit. Clearly the class of the division. The Cardinals are on such a slow death spiral, their fans don’t even realize it’s happening. Arians is old news. Fitz and Palmer are on…

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    Munkster’s All Star Game Update of the Year

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    I promised Brew I would update him on the Hall of Fame game. I would not be lying if I said I watched the game, as I was technically in a few rooms that it was displayed on screens. I did glance at the screen from time to time, and the volume was high enough…

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    A Desperate Man

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    There once was a man named leaK. He was responsible for organizing a social club for the mentally deranged. He was also responsible for collecting art (poetry and rantings and the like) from them individually, and sharing it with all of them. One day all of the deranged people stopped appreciating leaK. They stopped supplying…

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    Here is a mock draft. Here is how it was compiled: All current picks are used with the exception of Seattle. I allowed a trade down from the first (pick 26) to the second (pick 35) because Seattle likes to trade down and because I want them to trade down. I don’t care enough about…

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    MUNKEY EXPLAINS: Caring for one another within an online community.

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    I’d like to offer some of my thoughts on the online bullying that occurs here at SKA. But first, I’d like to share a quote from a recent Steve Brock article: “How to Handle Online Community Member Issues: Embrace Them Until It Hurts At Mzinga, we think the best communities are ones in which all…

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