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    MUNKEY EXPLAINS: Caring for one another within an online community.

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    I’d like to offer some of my thoughts on the online bullying that occurs here at SKA. But first, I’d like to share a quote from a recent Steve Brock article: “How to Handle Online Community Member Issues: Embrace Them Until It Hurts At Mzinga, we think the best communities are ones in which all…

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    The Earth is Flat and Rests on the Back of a Giant Stack of Turtles. Turtles, All the Way Down

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    Immediately prior to writing this piece of literature I saw a factoid on the twitter: “115 mock drafts last year, none got more than 8 picks right. The only one being mocked is you.” Well, fuck whoever wrote that. I’m going to start with the least relevant teams in the division, and work my way…

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    An Ode to an Under-Appreciated Truthsayer: Kawakami Time

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    The 49ers don’t just have a Seattle problem any more, now they have an Everything Problem. But it starts with Seattle. Oh my, it all begins with Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll and every part of the 49ers’ ongoing—and expanding—Seahawks Nightmare. Might end with Seattle, too. The Seahawks have beaten the 49ers before,…

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