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AFC North Week 4 Wrapup

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What a mess. I’m ditching my day job for the week, and I thought I’d settle in Sunday with beer and burgers to watch the Ravens compete with and possibly beat the Bills.  Four days later, it seems no amount of alcohol or sustenance can erase the scenes of fourth-quarter defensive ineptitude most of the…

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AFC North Week 3 Wrapup

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With a mixed bag in the AFC North this week, we’re starting to see some themes emerging.  Each winning team leaned on a few trademark items to get the proverbial job done, while this week’s lone losing team attempted to do the same, to little effect. Here’s the details, such as they are.   Steelers…

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AFC North Week 2 Wrapup

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Safe to say the shine is off the AFC North, at least for the moment. Our beloved division and teams fell on their collective keys last Sunday, as all four teams lost, with three of those in particularly humiliating fashion.  The cliché says one game does not a season make, so rushing to final judgements…

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AFC North Week 1 Wrapup

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Well.  That was good, and necessary. Here’s hoping you enjoyed the weekend’s slate of NFL games.  Our beloved AFC North went 3-1 overall, with two dramatic finishes, some horrible luck, some great luck, and an overall sense of satisfaction that our favorite game and teams are finally back in meaningful action. Quick recaps and thoughts:…

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A Half-Assed 2022 AFC North Preview

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So the NFL’s 2022 participants have been decided after each team has completed their annual post-camp bloodletting.  As usual, some tenured veterans and familiar names were released Tuesday along with the expected slew of rookies, drafted or otherwise, with several from columns A and B landing on various practice squads.  While there’s still plenty of…

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