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    NFC East Positional Rankings

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    NFC EAST POSITIONAL RANKINGS This is not only based off of personnel, but how coaching comes into play, and performance from the past two years. I did not get as analytical as I would have liked to. Took me long enough to write this master piece as it is, and no one is going to…

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    NFCE – The Deepest Offensive line that ever was

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    By Cloister THE DEEPEST OFFENSIVE LINE THAT EVER WAS Sometimes a particular unit on an NFCE team is so stacked, an article must be devoted to it. And since the dawn of the first ever free agency, no offensive line has been deeper than the one the Philadelphia Eagles currently boast heading into the 2019…

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    Dane Brugler NFC East Draft Analysis

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    Stolen by Joey Esquire 1. Washington Redskins Favorite pick: Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State After all the talk about the Redskins trading up to land a quarterback, they stand pat at No. 15 and draft the top quarterback prospect on my board. There is no question that there are areas in which he needs to…

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    Cloister’s Mock Draft 4.0

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    1. Arizona Cardinals – Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma 2. San Francisco 49ers – Nick Bosa, Edge, Ohio State 3. New York Giants (from NYJ) – Josh Allen, Edge, Kentucky The Giants trade a second and fifth rounder in this year’s draft to move up and take the OLB perfectly suited for their new 3-4 defense.…

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    Cloisters Mock Draft 3.0

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    Cloister’s Mock 3.0 Keal might actually permaban me when he sees the Cardinals and Seahawks picks (if he ever reads this), but so be it. To the picks! 1. Arizona Cardinals – Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma Kliff Dingleberry loves him some Tyrone Lannister. And he should absolutely take him if he believes he’s special. I’m…

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