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Another unhinged sc0tti covid vaccine article

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mike, you realize when you signed off for that vaccine, that you forfeit any kind of medical rights for the rest of your life, not just in the time after that. wait till you get sick at the end of your life and head to a hospital, you will be in for it with yellow…

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FPS Monday (Except it’s Tuesday and it’s one boring, weird, long run-on sentence about trans people)

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you guys need to stop championing mainstream media start thinking for yourselves since 2017 these surgeries have doubled, and insurance now pays for them . so if you wanna argue those facts, come at me Gender Dysphoria / Gender Reassignment Virtually all major insurance companies recognize that transgender-related medical care is medically necessary and have…

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NFCW – Honky’s Thoughts (Part 2)

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After sitting on this for 24 hours with my sister-wife, my animosity toward the very topic of trading Wilson for picks can be captured in 5 names: Ifdedi Penny Collier Brooks Adams Those 5 players cost Seattle 6 first round picks. Based on drafting 2013-2020 (Seattle being league average), the way we spent our last…

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NFC West – LaCroix’s Request

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LaCroix’s Late Night Thoughts The injuries keep on coming in the 2020 NFL season and it seems as if nobody‚Äôs immune. The two biggest hits for the Seahawks came in the form of season-ending ACL tears to linebacker Bruce Irvin and safety Marquise Blair, resulting in their additions to the injured reserve. Wide receiver Phillip…

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NFC West – No More Lists

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