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    5 Dysfunctional Krunks of SKA Revealed: MikefromAZ’s True Story

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    The term dysfunctional is defined as “abnormal or impaired functioning” on the part of an individual person, between people in any sort of relationship, or amongst members of a family. Poor functioning refers to both behavior and relationships that aren’t working and have one or more negative, unhealthy aspects to them, such poor communication or…

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    TRIBE PRESENTS: Fair and Balanced NFCW Draft Grades

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    Cardinals: C- Their alcoholic General Manager drafted Josh Rosen and then traded him a way a year later. Ok, whatever, fine. So they drafted a 5’9 QB with the number one overall pick. Their best hope is that he becomes Russell Wilson but that is unlikely. This team has gaping holes everywhere like Bader’s girlfriend…

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    NFL Draft Trollthread – Sponsored by YAGA

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    Round 1 draft order Arizona Cardinals San Francisco 49ers New York Jets Oakland Raiders Tampa Bay Buccaneers New York Giants Jacksonville Jaguars Detroit Lions Buffalo Bills Denver Broncos Cincinnati Bengals Green Bay Packers Miami Dolphins Atlanta Falcons Washington Redskins Carolina Panthers New York Giants (from Cleveland Browns) Minnesota Vikings Tennessee Titans Pittsburgh Steelers Seattle Seahawks Baltimore…

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    The Cancer of Stallion

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    If you tried to sign in this morning and post a comment, you might have been surprised to find out you’ve been banned from SKA, along with 100 other people. As you guys know, the obnoxious spamming the past few days have been done by Stallion, mostly as a cry for help, begging Yoshi to…

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    Sunday, September 16 MATCHUP TIME  (PT) NAT TV TICKETS LOCATION Carolina Atlanta 10:00 AM FOX 1,305 tickets as low as $43 Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta Los Angeles Buffalo 10:00 AM CBS 207 tickets as low as $59 New Era Field, Buffalo Minnesota Green Bay 10:00 AM FOX 55 tickets as low as $165 Lambeau Field, Green Bay…

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