Kansas City Chiefs

    K1 PRESENTS: Point / Counterpoint – A SB LIV Retrospective

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    Well, Superbowl LIV has come and gone. What was seen by many faithful as a dynasty beginning is now in question. Adusoron is gone, perhaps for good. The 49er fan base is in disarray. Tribe might be back to his old ways, and if that is the case than truly no one is safe. Outside…

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    YesShoes Presents: Conference Championship Round KneeCap

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    RAMS AT SAINTS Refs stole the game from the Saints. Any objective fan will concede. NFL has been gay for LA all season and the expletive sucking continued Sunday. Real Rams fans will admit they lost the game and they are merely fielding a team for the officials on Super Bowl Sunday. PATRIOTS AT CHIEFS…

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    iKItten Presents: Happy Caturday

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    Hey everyone welcome to Caturdays. Your weekly segment where we discuss such things as the Flacco Renaissance, Mahomes MVP watch, and the decline of the NFCW quarterbacks. Today we are going to focus on the match up of the week: The San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. This game is a matchup of…

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