Cloisters Mock Draft 3.0

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    Cloister’s Mock 3.0 Keal might actually permaban me when he sees the Cardinals and Seahawks picks (if he ever reads this), but so be it. To the picks! 1. Arizona Cardinals – Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma Kliff Dingleberry loves him some Tyrone Lannister. And he should absolutely take him if he believes he’s special. I’m…

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    Justin’s NFCeast updated 2019 GoT-SKA Comparisons

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    By: Justin Justin:   Sandor Clegane – Politically incorrect and gives no fucks.

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    Cloister’s Mock 2.0

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    Trades aplenty have been included this time around, which is much more realistic, but also impossible to predict. I also decided to only provide narratives for the teams that are fan-represented on SKA as to limit scrolling. To the picks! Arizona Cardinals – Quinnen Williams, DL, Alabama The Cardinals pass up a pretty sure thing…

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    NFC East: Washington Redskins 3 Year Plan to Contend

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    By Mytee The Washington Redskins find themselves in a tough spot. A decent offensive line, with an aging, injury prone star, A decent stable of running backs, including a great third down back, a youngster with high upside coming off an ACL and possibly bringing back the immortal Adrian Peterson. Their tight ends are solid,…

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    NFC East – Lazy Man’s Mock Draft

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    By Joey Esquire I am putting as little thought and effort into this as possible. I have literally run a draft simulation on Fanspeak and will just comment on the results. I didn’t actually make any of the picks. Round 1: 1. Arizona Cardinals – Nick Bosa, Edge, Ohio State 2. San Francisco 49ers –…

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