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NFCE All-bEast Team – Quarter Pole

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By Joey “Reg” Esquire QB – Dak Prescott The leader in basically every statistical passing category. Competition level should come into account, but for now it’s Dak over Wentz based on raw production. RB – Saquon Barkley, Ezekiel Elliott Yes, I’m putting two RBs on instead of three WRs, because the WRs have mostly been…

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A Rian Johnson Story Let’s start off at the very beginning of the movie: the opening scene. Rian Johnson couldn’t possibly start the movie off so poorly that you could almost tell from the jump that the movie was going to suck, could he? Yep. I probably shouldn’t nitpick too much or I’ll have to…

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NFCE Winners and Losers – Week 1

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In lieu of the all-bEast team this early in the season when it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, here are some winners and losers for each team from Week 1: Winners: Dak Prescott and Kellen Moore Statistically this was the best game of Prescott’s career. Much of the credit there probably goes to…

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NFC East Week 1 Predictions

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By: Mytee Of the four teams, only the Eagles managed to escape the offseason without any alarming scandals.    The Cowboys are in a death match with their All Pro running back.  The Redskins 7 time Pro Bowl left tackle is a no show.   The Giants flubbed the offseason by trading away one of their two…

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2019 NFC East Season Predictions

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By Joey Esquire NFCE Standings: 1. Eagles (11-5) 2. Cowboys (8-8) 3. Giants (7-9) 4. Redskins (6-10) bEast Curse lives. The Eagles have a strong roster and good coaching on both sides of the ball. Wentz staying healthy is the constant caveat for this team and, I think, the only real obstacle that could prevent…

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