Los Angeles Rams

    Tech Error at ESPN Leads to Accidental Firing of Adam Schefter, but the Black Adam Schefter is still employed

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    Adam Schefter’s cell phone stopped working this week, which is problematic on multiple levels for someone in his position. For starters, as ESPN’s lead NFL scoop man, Schefter’s cell signal is directly tethered to his vital signs (probably). Any drop in service will cause a corresponding dip in his physical life force, and every text…

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    Russel Wilson – Deal or No Deal; DEAL!

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    Thank god I was gone for a week. Finally got some shit done (contract wise) in Seattle, while I was out of town. I also “fortunately” got to miss the majority of the baseball trade deadline, I’m sure NAV went nuts during the last 48 hours or so. So,upon further review, I figured the RW’s…

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    O’Brother Bobby Wagner, Where Art Thou

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    The Seahawks are optimistic that a deal will get done with middle linebacker Bobby Wagner before training camp starts next Friday, reports NFL Network’s Rand Getlin, and the two sides are working toward agreeing on a long-term extension. Wagner is slated to head into his contract year, and getting the deal done now would mean…

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    So, we all know that the Dynasty FF League is drafting (only 2 weeks and 14 rounds into it, with 12 more rounds to go). Everyone claims to be a FF genius, but lets take a look at one of the biggest “contributors” on SKA…. The Arizona Cardinals master homer… DHC. I’m going to give…

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    Hey SKAsters. Please take a look at this weak ass SKA FF league that is now drafting. Point and laugh at the SKA members who are participating. They love to talk shit about knowing FF, but draft like what a dog does on OSS’ lawn. http://www.fleaflicker.com/nfl/leagues/168910/teams Peace

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