San Francisco 49ers

    The Real BKOB Report – 2018 – Week 4 Edition

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    GOOD MORNING SKA USERS. IT’S TUESDAY AND THAT MEANS IT’S TIME TO ARM YOURSELVES… WITH KNOWLEDGE!!! That’s right – double your Tuesdays, double your pleasure, that’s what I always say.  BKOB Report Season is upon us! The most hap-happiest time of the year!! Feel free to hug your neighbor!! When we last left our intrepid…

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    K1’s Week 4 NFCW Update

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    Standings: Rams 4-0 Seahawks: 2-2 49ers: 1-3 Cardinals: 0-4 Rams Update: The Los Angeles Rams hosted the Minnesota Vikings in one of the most entertaining Thursday Night games in the TNF franchise’s history. The game was an absolute shoot out between two strong offenses. At times it seemed that neither team’s defenses could come up…

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    BKOB PRESENTS: Jimmy Predictions Revisited

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    Trolling injuries it NOT COOL, you guys! And I’ll have no part of it… HOWEVER… I don’t believe Niner fans deserve immunity after heaping such laughably-high expectations upon an unproven, noodle-armed, Game-Managing QB. Particularly because Jimmy was a miserable-failure-in-progress LONG BEFORE his bone-headed decision making ended his season. And I can prove it. Now, if…

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    Standings: Rams 3-0 49ers 1-2 Seahawks 1-2 Cardinals 0-3 Rams update: The Rams were able to outlast the Chargers in the “Battle of LA”. Early on, the Rams built a 21-6 lead before the Chargers closed the lead to 28-20 shortly after halftime. The Rams ended up holding on for a 35-23 win. However, the…

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    iKItten Presents: Happy Caturday

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    Hey everyone welcome to Caturdays. Your weekly segment where we discuss such things as the Flacco Renaissance, Mahomes MVP watch, and the decline of the NFCW quarterbacks. Today we are going to focus on the match up of the week: The San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. This game is a matchup of…

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