Seattle Seahawks

    Charlie The Unicorn : Lets Guess the Seahawk 1.0

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    Hello all. Here is the way too early mock draft for the Seattle Seahawks. Mock 1.0. There are several big time issues in front of the team. Will Lynch return at RB in 2015? How about Maxwell at CB? Should Seattle bring in a big time FA……. I’ll just assume Lynch stays, Max goes and…

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    RAS: The Ballad of DangerRuss

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    They said Russell was too short,..To quarterback in this great sport,..He said, “Not true,” in grand retort.   “I have what it takes,.. With roll out playaction fakes,.. To be an all time great!”   Then there came a time,.. For Russ to go and shine,.. At the Patriots goal line.   Its was second down and goal,.. In the Super…

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    ONION: Nurse Tired Of Taking Shit From Sherman

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    [quote]”It’s like, ‘Jesus, just shut up and let me do my job, okay?’[/quote] SEATTLE—After successfully delivering the newborn baby of Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and his girlfriend Ashley Moss Thursday morning, Northwest Hospital and Medical Center nurse Karen Greco expressed her frustration at having to constantly take shit from the Seahawks defender throughout the…

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    Filler West Article

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    You guys wont read this anyways, but hey….at least this article doesnt have 15k comments   (Sure Keal will put a new one up soon)  

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    Charlie the Unicorn’s Superbowl XLIX Prediction

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    The Superbowl is here. The season flew by fast, too fast. I went 2-0 last week ….. 9-1 in postseason picks now. (168-90 during the regular season). So this is it… win this game for all the marbles. The end of a long journey with plenty of twists and turns. I’m not going to over…

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