A haircut the first day in Amsterdam by Ancientage

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    What followed was a scary clusterfuck of Dutch, English, and Turkish, if you were to translate everything directly into English: HAIRDRESSER: “So, where you come from?” *Proceeding to attach the appropriate extension onto an electric razor and peel my scalp like a Doner kebab.* ME: “I come from the ‘ooo-ess-ahh,’ uh, America… Sacramento, California correct? It…

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    Mock Draft: JP and Charlie Prep For the Draft Edition

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    Hello. Monday or Tuesday evening, JP and Charlie will be conducting the first annual (and probably last annual) SKA mock draft. To keep everything simple, JP and I will be alternating picks. JP has the Rams at #1 and I’ll be picking for the Browns at #2. We will not forecast any trades, just pick…

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    SB50 Prediction with Mr Unicorn

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    Superbowl 50 Panthers at Broncos Point Spread: -5.5 Panthers Over/Under: 44.5 Prediction: Broncos 22 – Panthers 20 I’ve went back and forth on this for the last 2 weeks. I can see the Panthers winning the game, they are the safe bet right? (6-4 straight up this postseason / 3-7 ATS) This should be a…

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    Charlie’s Week 7 Picks

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    Welcome back to the Charlie The Unicorns Weekly Feature. NFL Week 8 is here. For the record, 69-36 straight-up / 55-50 (ATS)….. Lot’s of work to do this week, there are quite a few uninspiring games this week. However two of the unbeaten 6-0 teams face off, which should be exciting. As always, the number of stars…

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    Report: NFLPA thinks Cowboys, Broncos talked Dez, Demaryius deals

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    The NFLPA is looking into whether the Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys colluded in the matter of the unsettled contracts of wide receivers Demaryius Thomas and Dez Bryant, an NFLPA official told ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Specifically, the players’ association believes the two teams were in communication about the the contracts for Thomas and Bryant, who…

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