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    FAIRBANKS: A NETFLIX ORIGINAL 1 SEASON (10 EPISODES) 89% Match Tensions run high in a small Alaskan town between a man, his wife and a mysterious red-headed woman who enters their life with untold motivations. As the stakes get higher and higher, the line blurs between right and wrong… good and evil. A dark comedy…

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    Technology Time With sf49ers4905

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    By Miles Hardwick Barleycorn III, Esquire All of us here at SKA have some sort of expertise: whether it’s Jordy and his Jackson Pollack-inspired porcelain splatter paintings, Bader and his credit churning, or NoShoes and his continued inability to find some goddamn shoes. Our focus this week is on the resident tech expert of the…

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    Nav Discusses The MLB Trade Deadline

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    I love baseball even when it hates me. I have a love-hate relationship with Billy Beane, but no one has ever doubted his intelligence. Jerry Dipitio is a gun slinger that has been doing everything in his power to get the Seattle Mariners back to the playoffs. Even though the A’s are chasing the Mariners,…

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    Have a Nice Life, Keal : Tigre Leaves SKA

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    We didn’t understand what we did to you. We didn’t know what was said or how anyone acted. We didn’t know what moment it was that pushed you over the edge. But you ghosted us. You walked away from our friendship and left us without answers. It wasn’t a subtle ghosting, but rather an all-at-once…

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    *The “I just want to be associated with a winner” guy. You’ll see them wearing a 49ers jersey one year, and a Cowboys hat the next. This guy/gal will latch on to any team that allows him to yell “IN YOUR FACE!” at their friends and anyone else who isn’t as big of a winner…

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