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AFC North Week 10 Wrapup

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The AFC North’s top two teams had the weekend off.  Given the nail-biting, wholly-entertaining games that happened around the NFL, perhaps they should do so more often. Here’s what happened in our beloved division’s less-exciting installments.  Enjoy. Browns 17, Dolphins 39 The Browns managed to disappoint themselves and their fans in returning from their bye…

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“They say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time”  This post is tribute for our internet friend BMT. The Native Son, the The Cocaine Cowboy, The Shitposter, The Fighter, The Niners Fan,.. The Legend. Also known…

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SKA Topics of Discussion

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SKA Topics of Discussion Black and White Pictures of Boats Donald Trump Bob’s Ducks Politics Hunter Biden January 6 The Economy Mac Jones Lisa Election Fraud Covid-19 & Vaccines Trey Lance Gas Prices Fantasy Football Other Conspiracy Theories Mental Illness Green Energy Nicknack Fentanyl Hunting Scotti’s Grandmother Wordle Elon Musk Beer Fast Food Shit Pics…

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AFC North Week 8 Wrapup

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The AFC North landscape may have shifted a little this week. The 2022 NFL trade deadline struck at 4:00 pm yesterday, with the Steelers and Ravens both having engaged in the busier-than-usual market.  The Ravens acquired a much-needed (if ultimately expensive) MLB in Roquan Smith from the Bears, while the Steelers bolstered their draft stock…

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AFC North Week 5 Wrapup

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The AFC North plot, such as it is, sort of thickens. Well, not really. This is about where most of us that follow this division faithfully probably expected we’d be.  A majority figured the Bengals and Ravens would be battling for divisional supremacy, while the QB-limbo’d Browns and the youthful, inexperienced Steelers (at least on…

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