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    BKOB Presents: The Last Word on Andy Luck

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    Greetings, Knowledge Seekers. The world of mediocre football was ROCKED this past weekend by the surprise retirement of Andy “Jay Cutler Jr” Luck – the greatest human of all time. With nothing left to prove, he stepped away from the game just two weeks before the 2019 season kicked off, and less than a week…

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    One of our most beloved (if not our MOST beloved) seems to have flown the coop. He submitted 4 article submissions in quick succession which are posted below. Farewell Nav. We love you. Submission 1: It’s been a good six years Keal. I’m on to other stuff. Don’t go looking for me, I’ll send some…

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    Olympic National Park Hike: A Yelp Review

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    Was invited to a 30-40 mile group hike over 6 days along the beaches of Olympic National Park and then the Hoh Rain Forest. Day 1: We stayed the night in a trap-house disguised as a motel in preparation for our journey. I was in my element. Trip highlight. Day 2: I was told this…

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    A Second Message From U.S. Navy SEAL Don Shipley

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    RE: Fake U.S. Navy SEAL Sir, I greatly appreciate your ongoing interest in upholding the honor of the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams, and your search for the truth. My efforts to expose SEAL imposters are performed as a service to the public, and in honor of my fallen SEAL Teammates, who truly earned the right…

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    My husband is going through his fourth life crisis. He is obese, bald, bankrupt, short and sexually inept. MFA has been meeting with a therapist in order to fix his life but to no avail. Our marriage is falling apart. We have no money. The bank is about to repossess his Bosley wig for the…

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