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MindFukAssassin’s Last Dance

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Thank you BKOB and other krunks over the previous decade. I had a blast! Last year I went into the hospital for Covid. I had to be put on a vent for three weeks, put into a medical coma, resuscitated a couple of times and was pretty close to death for those entire three weeks.…

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BKOB Presents: NFCW Progress Report Week 15 Edition

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Greetings, Knowledge Seekers Happy Holidays to you all!! As usual, I am bringing the gift of Knowledge – feel free to re-gift my copy/pasted Stats and Rankings as much as you please! I’m on vacation, so this will be an abbreviated version of the BKOB Report. Please enjoy the following Table, which shows that the…

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SKA regulars that would beat 5’11” 245lb JuJU in a cage match according to FANDUEL.com: Yoshii: Obviously FJY: Mechanic, ran a train on a pregnant woman. Pure savage. Justin: Owns a miniature Tiger Bader: Can dunk a basketball Gubby: Claims to ride bicycles. Good cardio. Dubs: Snow Machine expert Munkey: Confident Slavic machismo Sc0tti: Can…

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Thursday, December 2 MATCHUP RESULT PASSING LEADER RUSHING LEADER RECEIVING LEADER DAL NO DAL 27, NO 17 Taysom Hill 264 Taysom Hill 101 Deonte Harris 96 Sunday, December 5 MATCHUP TIME  (MT) NAT TV TICKETS LOCATION TB ATL 11:00 AM FOX Buy Tickets Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta ARI CHI 11:00 AM FOX Buy Tickets Soldier Field,…

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JuJu’s Byzantine

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Typically JuJu rambles on some football rant. Shit sometimes has validity but most is hog wash. It’s all garbage really. Some could even say it was the sludge on the bottom of a dumpster. Some tidbits would make you chuckle, others would want to fill my anus cavity with hot glue. Whatever it is that…

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