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FPS Monday (Except it’s Tuesday and it’s one boring, weird, long run-on sentence about trans people)

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you guys need to stop championing mainstream media start thinking for yourselves since 2017 these surgeries have doubled, and insurance now pays for them . so if you wanna argue those facts, come at me Gender Dysphoria / Gender Reassignment Virtually all major insurance companies recognize that transgender-related medical care is medically necessary and have…

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AFC North Week 16 Wrapup

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Apologies for the absence of Week 15 information. Just to get caught up (and account for the fact few will be online to read anything this week), in Week 15, the Browns beat the Ravens, the Bengals beat the snot out of the Buccaneers, and the Steelers squeaked by the Panthers. This week was a…

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AFC North Week 13 Wrapup

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This looks familiar. The football stars appear to be aligning for the Bengals at a time when they need it most, while the Ravens are struggling mightily on offense.  The Browns are trying to appear competent with their shuffling at quarterback, eschewing controversy for supposed production.  And the Steelers are still hanging around. Every season…

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AFC North Week 10 Wrapup

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The AFC North’s top two teams had the weekend off.  Given the nail-biting, wholly-entertaining games that happened around the NFL, perhaps they should do so more often. Here’s what happened in our beloved division’s less-exciting installments.  Enjoy. Browns 17, Dolphins 39 The Browns managed to disappoint themselves and their fans in returning from their bye…

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