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BKOB Presents: NFCW Progress Report Week 10 Edition

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Greetings, Knowledge Seekers Well folks, we’ve reached the midway point of the NFCW season. Which means it’s that time of the year again: Some things will never change, my friends. Yes, the 49ers are doing about as badly as they normally do – BUT without the traditional distraction of mid-season mock drafts, things have gotten…

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JuJU’s Tidbits: WEEK 9

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Carolina pass rusher Brian Burns came streaking off the edge lbelting quarterback Mac Jones and forcing a fumble. Brian Burns sequential twisted his ankle on the play. Patriots 24 Panthers 6 Baker Mayfield wasn’t held back this week. He torched the Bengals and the the NFL world know about it. Stay classy Baker This isn’t…

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“Jive” Presents: Vengeance Will Be Mine – Part 1

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As I sit in this dark, musty, mildewy basement I am plotting the greatest terrorist attack that will be talked about for centuries. As I gather your address’ the blood rushes to my penis making it erect…knowing you will be the ones getting fucked. I have put up with your nonsense for quite some time…

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JuJu’s Five Yard Slant

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Tuesday, November 2 Subject: Injuries Injuries ended up dominating the week leading up to Sunday’s action, and they ended up domanating Sunday’s action, too. The biggest injury is obviously Derrick Henry’s foot injury that threatens to end his regular season early, though we also saw James Robinson, Jameis Winston, Rob Gronk and Hilton leeve Sunday’s…

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