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    *Excerpts from a long forgotten erotic magazine column

    From M.H.B. in Pawtucket, NJ:
    Dear Power Pose Forum, I never thought It would happen to me.. It was just supposed to be another night in Vegas, the usual cavorting and carrying on. But this time was different. This time, Vegas was assertive. More alluring and irresistible than ever before, which made me afraid. What if it didn’t work? What if the night left us both broken and disappointed? “Are you sure?” I warned. “Have you ever had a pineapple in you?” “It doesn’t matter, said Vegas confidently. Then came the moment that changed our relationship forever: Vegas crossed one arm slowly over the other arm, assuredly and with conviction, making them both stand out, but become one. And instantly.. Vegas was 10X bigger, and I was able to easily sodomize him due to the fact he’d also lubed up quite a bit because he’s no amateur, I can tell you that.

    From Alex B. in Mount Carmel, ILL
    Dear Power Pose Forum, I always thought these things were fantasies, and not real. Long story short, I went strong to the hole. Tried to throw it down. Then 3 Mandingos standing in my way with their arms crossed showed me I was about to play for the other team 10X over..

    D.G.D. in Dogfuck, Alaska
    Dear Power Pose Forum, Why’s it always when you least expect it? I was just doing my job, minding my own business. I mean leave me alone, right? These shelves aren’t going to front themselves! Then I heard the ruckus. It was a familiar ruckus, I’d heard many times before in my many years of pulling double duty as manager and bouncer at the Pick N’ Bag.

    Anyway, It was a standard drunk, homeless I’d guess, judging by the smell. So I sprang into action, distracting the fool with my MAGA hat twirling on my finger, and then, with his attention totally affixed on me, I hit him with it. My closer move. You guessed it: THE POWER POSE!

    Needless to say, he shrieked and scurried away back to his dumpster in the alley out back where I went and had mad gay naked filthy homosex with him, as was standard operating procedure at the time.

    Please submit your accounts of your own POWER POSE moments to:
    P. O. Box 💪🛠
    Ash Fork, AZ


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