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    It’s time to take a break from the coaching carousel talk in College Football, because it’s Championship Saturday! This might be the most unpredictable season in quite some time, and these games hold monumental importance in deciding the four spots in the CFB playoff. Let’s take a look at the four huge games, and then dive into some possible scenarios that could decide the playoffs.


    #11 TCU vs #3 Oklahoma (9:30am FOX); This is the first Conference Championship game in the Big 12. For Oklahoma it’s easy, win and you’re in. More than likely, TCU will be left on the outside looking in with a victory over Oklahoma.


    #6 Georgia vs #2 Auburn (1pm CBS); This is basically a play in game. The winner is guaranteed a spot in the playoff, while the loser will more than likely not make it in. This will be the first time under the playoff format that Alabama will not win the SEC Championship.


    #7 Miami vs #1 Clemson (5pm ABC); This is basically a play in game, although some speculate that under the right circumstances Clemson could lose this game and still get into the playoffs.


    #8 The Ohio State vs #4 Wisconsin (5pm FOX); Quite simply, if Wisconsin wins this game they are in the CFB playoffs. For the Buckeyes, they will need a convincing win and some help to sneak into the final four.


    Alabama and The Ohio State are the two teams seemingly poised to sneak into the College Football Playoffs if things fall correctly for them.

    Alabama – Best case scenario for Alabama would be a Auburn win, and a Wisconsin win. Also, a TCU win would be helpful in creating open spots at the top of the rankings. If Georgia beats Auburn, it will make Alabama’s path that much harder, as it could be hard to put Alabama in if Auburn is left out.

    The Ohio State – The Buckeyes need a convincing victory over Wisconsin and more than likely some extra help. A perfect scenario for them would be; Georgia win, Clemson win, Oklahoma win. The Georgia win would hurt Alabama, while the Oklahoma win would strengthen the Buckeyes resume. A Clemson win would negate the chances of a non-conference champion Clemson vying for the #4 seed.



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