DGdub’s Weekly CFB Update: College QB’s

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    We are several weeks into the College Football season, and there have been some great games already. Unfortunately, this week does not provide us with many great match-ups, which means it’s a great time to take a look at some of the potential QB talent coming into the NFL. This article will help provide some names for fans of teams lacking QB’s to look at as the season progresses. Namely fans of the 49ers and Cardinals.

    Josh Rosen; UCLA – 2017 stats: 64.9% Completion, 17 TD’s and 5 INT’s, Passer Efficiency Rating 156.9.
    Rosen is silky smooth and has a very quick release. His footwork is crisp when he’s under center and he throws with a very firm base. He has touch underneath and the velocity to fit balls into tight spaces down the field. Rosen flashes the ability to manipulate safeties, reset his feet and deliver accurate throws down the seam. He isn’t a dynamic athlete, but he has some escapability.

    Baker Mayfield; Oklahoma – 2017 stats: 75.2% Completion, 13 TD’s and 0 INT’s, Passer Efficiency Rating 196.4.
    Mayfield is a very difficult player to defend. His best trait is his ability to escape and extend plays. If his first and second reads are unavailable, he runs around behind the line of scrimmage, avoiding defenders and allowing his pass-catchers plenty of time to uncover. He has excellent touch on underneath throws (swings, bubble screens, shallow crossers, etc.) and his deep-ball touch is above average. He is ultra competitive and he pops right up after taking some huge hits from opposing front-seven defenders.

    Sam Darnold; USC – 2017 stats: 64.9% Completion, 9 TD’s and 8 INT’s, Passer Efficiency Rating 139.1.
    Darnold has an ideal blend of size, arm strength and playmaking ability. USC’s offense has its share of bubble screens, but Darnold reads the entire field, anticipate windows and fit balls into tight spots. He’s an explosive thrower. He generates a lot of torque from his hips and the ball jumps out of his hand. He has ability to avoid pressure, extend plays and keep his eyes downfield generated a lot of big plays in the games.

    Luke Falk; Washington St – 2017 stats: 74.5% Completion, 16 TD’s and 2 INT’s, Passer Efficiency Rating 162.3.
    Falk operates with excellent poise. He never looks flustered and he shows a complete command of coach Mike Leach’s offensive system. Falk operates in the shotgun and he is quick to scan and throw with anticipation. Although he plays in an Air Raid offense, he does read the entire field. He has a very quiet lower body (calm, firm base) and a smooth release. He has tremendous touch at all three levels.

    Lamar Jackson; Louisville – 2017 Stats: 64% Completion, 13 TD’s and 3 INT’s, Passer Efficiency Rating 163.6.
    Jackson primarily aligns in the shotgun/pistol, but he does take some snaps from under center. He shows quick feet in his drop and has an explosive/snap delivery. He can generate plenty of velocity without incorporating much of his lower half. He has tremendous upside as a passer but his ability to make plays with his legs is what makes him special. He has Mike Vick-type explosiveness.

    Jake Browning; Washington – 2017 stats: 71.4% Completion, 12 TD’s and 3 INT’s, Passer Efficiency Rating 175.7.

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