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    Some or most of you whipper-snappers may not be old enough to remember one of the spookiest games in history. It was a Monday Night Football game between the Packers and Bears. It was in 1994, and there was a sideways downpour which then morphed into such a thick fog, that the cameras could barely pick up any of the hot NFCN action.

    Here’s the spooky intro featuring Joe Namath, Ray Nitchke, Y.A. Tittle, and Al Davis as the cryptkeeper from tales from the something or another:

    Here’s some other scary shit:

    The 49ers. Pretty scary, huh?

    *Johnny “Blood” McNally. Pretty scary nickname, but he actually borrowed it from some movie that was popular back in the 1930’s. Johnny was from Wisconsin, and never played football until college, where he lettered in 4 sports. Scarier yet, he once jumped across two hotel balconies six-stories up just to attend a different party. He also fled a towel-snapping-fight (!) on a team trip by climbing on top of a moving train and jumping from car to car. Personally, I think it’s kinda spooky that he also played for the Pottsville Maroons, Milwaukee Badgers, and Duluth Eskimos as well as the Packers. He enlisted in the Army the day after Pearl Harbor was attacked. He wasn’t afraid of anything. Not even Duluth.

    *Refrigerator Perry. Don’t think the Fridge is scary? Ever seen him without a shirt?


    * The Purple People Eaters. The Vikings had such a formidable defensive line back in the day, that it needed a nickname. Something that would be topical, and strike fear into the hearts of the four teams they would eventually lose to in the Superbowl. If I was a Vikings fan at the time, and one of those lineman had grabbed a fumble and run the wrong way all the way down the field for a safety like Jim “Wrong-Way” Marshal did, I would be horrified.

    *Dick “Night Train” Lane. Old Dick was a nightmare for opposing teams’ quarterbacks to be sure, registering 14 interceptions in a 12- game schedule of a rookie season that stands as a rookie record to this day. But the way he got his nickname, was that he was deathly terrified of flying, and rode a train to and from games. Not all that spooky, I know, but when you consider he was known for head and neck tackles which earned the moniker “Night Train Necktie” because it could put guys to sleep, you know this dude was scary.

    *The Buccaneers and Lions and Browns each lost every game in an entire season, which should at least strike fear in their respective fanbases that they’re rooting for a franchise that actually allowed that kind of thing to happen. Truly terrifying.

    Other scary things worth mentioning: The time the Metrodome roof collapsed, Bears’ founder George Halas actually saved the Packers from insolvency once, which is probably frightening to both fanbases for multiple reasons:, Brett Favre wearing purple, the Matt Millen era, driving around Chicago or Detroit at night, and this: Wanna know what’s scariest about that? That old rug-on-top-of-cement astroturf they had in Soldier Field. Jeebers greebers, that was going to result in an injury no matter how lightly Charles Martin could’ve lain ol’ Jim down.



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