GOATroppolo Presents: The Schottenheimer Problem

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    Bevell was unfairly scapegoated by many Seahawks fans who blamed him for their team’s offensive setbacks. He did a very good job of catering that offense to Russell Wilson’s strengths and maximizing his unique abilities to create an efficient scoring unit. Just on the basis of Weighted DVOA, (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average) here are the Seahawks offensive rankings during the first 4 seasons he was OC when they had a running game:

    2012: 1st
    2013: 9th
    2014: 5th
    2015: 1st

    Even in the past two seasons, his offenses were never worse than league average, respectively ranking 16th and then 14th in the league.

    Now Caroll is choosing Brian Schottenheimer, a coordinator with a subpar record, to fix what was once an efficient offense. Here are his offenses ranked by DVOA:

    2006: 12th
    2007: 23rd
    2008: 16th
    2009: 22nd
    2010: 19th
    2011: 21st
    2012: 15th
    2013: 22nd
    2014: 26th

    That’s only four out of nine seasons where Schottenheimer’s offenses ranked as well or better than Bevell’s worst ranking (16th). Clearly, hiring this guy to run your offense in a division where Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan coach is like betting on MFA to win a track meet that Ashton Eaton and Usain Bolt are competing in.



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