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    – Patriots got the 43rd pick trading GOATroppolo. Bills got the 65th pick for trading Tyrod. Bravo Bills. Bravo Lynch.

    – Buffalo trading Tyrod means they will be drafting a QB in the upcoming draft. Since they pick 21st and 22nd it means they will be looking to trade up to around a top 10 spot to get a shot at Darnold, Rosen, Mayfield, Allen, etc.

    – Since the Niners have the 9th pick, they are in a perfect position to take advantage of this situation and should aim to get both Buffalo’s the 21st and 22nd picks if they can but settle for Buffalo’s picks 21 and 53 if they can’t.

    – Seahawks went from being a potential dynasty to just dying nasty. Richard Sherman becoming a Niner would be sacrilege, but it would give me no end of trolling material should he come and serve as a spy who gives us information about Seattle’s doping program and wants to stick it to the Seahawks twice a season.

    – Another sign of Green Bay’s front office implosion is when Gutenkunst traded anything of value more than a half eaten ham sandwich for Kizer. It looks like Eliot Wolf will make a living as an assistant GM fleecing his old work buddy. Poor Aaron Rodgers.

    – Vinny Curry could be a steal in FA if a team can get him to sign to a reasonably short-term guaranteed contract. According to Pro Football Focus, Curry’s pass-rushing productivity was one of the best in the NFL last season. PFF had him as the 12th-best pass rusher overall in terms of production with 47 total quarterback pressures on 333 pass rushing snaps. After the Eagles traded for Bennett, he will be the guy they cut.

    – Rams are building one of the most talented (and volatile) defensive secondaries in the NFL in their trades for Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters. Future Pro-Bowl 49ers CB Akello Witherspoon believes it’s because they’re scared of GOATroppolo. Even though he’s probably right, this doesn’t matter. Jacksonville, a team with a hellacious front and terrific secondary was carved up by GOATroppolo through passes to Kittle, Juszczyk, Celek, and Taylor in the soft underbelly of their second level defense.



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