Halos Presents: Do Me A Favor. Shut The Fuck Up About Net Neutrality

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    This has literally got to be the dumbest fuckin political subject Americans have emotionally invested themselves in since…well probably the last 2 weeks. How many times do we have to play this same game of emotional rope a dope before we finally catch that twinge in our spines and go…”Hold on a minute, this pattern of reading emotional hyperbole in Facebook memes, Twitter rants by famous people, politically slanted blogs, and 30 second evening news clips of half truths of (insert political topic here)…I have experienced this before!” “Am I being manipulated?” “Its almost like witty sarcastic put downs of an issue with no substance is designed to taint my objectivity towards a subject before I have even had a chance to learn what its about!” Gentlemen…and Lady, this is done by design just in case you were wondering.

    Why has this recent explosion of all these new forms of communication media seem to intentionally try to restrict the ability to express context? Nobody and I mean nobody can have an accurate bead on what is going on in the world without a wider understanding of how things came about and why.

    With that out of the way, lets dive in to what is really going on with Net Neutrality.

    We are in the midst of a TITANIC shift in media and how it is delivered to the consumer. Television broadcasting is going to be dead in about 15 – 20 years. The internet and streaming video is making this happen because a person can pick and choose what they want to watch with specificity and can pay for only what they wish to watch. No longer do I need to purchase a television package with 90% of the channels I dont care about . I can sign up for Netflix, Youtube or Hulu for much cheaper. Scores of corporations are falling all the fuck over themselves to survive adapt and thrive in this new game.

    The latest wrinkle in the game came when the ISP/Cable/Satellite companies threw down a shitload of investment money in their own content providing services by startup or by outright buying it. An example of this would be AT&T as they purchased DirecTv a while back. What AT&T started doing was giving their customers some pretty sweet deals. Like they have this app Directv Now where if you have AT&T internet and also Directv service( Which I have no doubt they will sell you in a discounted bundle) then you can stream directv on any device and AT&T WONT COUNT YOUR DATA USAGE FOR THAT APP AGAINST YOU! Comcast/Xfinity they are putting up wifi hotspots all over the place…if I happen to be near one of their hotspots, I can login with my account and stream whatever the fuck I want on my phone without using anything off my data plan. Its certainly nice to know I am getting awesome shit for my money. Anyways I think most of the ISPs have packages like this now.

    Well, this is a huge fuckin problem for Netflix, Hulu Google and others as it will obviously be tough sledding to compete with that.

    Net Neutrality used to be this thing that everyone laughed at back in the 2000s as a scant few basement dwelling hipsters tried in vain to convince everyone that Comcast was trying to control the internet because the company was throttling the internet for these guys that were using excessive amounts of bandwidth via P2P apps like Bittorrent and Limewire to download pirated software and porn. I doubt Comcast would have even given a crap except with the way residential internet service works, you are sharing a finite amount of bandwidth distributed from the hut. Comcast states that their speeds are not guaranteed, so they wouldnt technically be on the hook for bandwidth that is below advertised prices, but when your customer base starts getting pissed because they are getting dialup speeds due to a handful of people using all the bandwidth you have no choice but to take action.

    Well rewind to 5 years ago Google, Microsoft and some other companies in the content providing business usurped this laughable grass roots socialist group funded it gave them some new talking points that lightly touch on what I just expounded on and spun it as companies like Comcast “Charging More for content” when in reality they were just charging their own customers less “for their own content”. With the funding came purchased airtime to garner support and then finally through 25 million dollars in PAC money, they lobbied the Obama Administration to put Net Neutrality legislation in place.

    2 years later, the ISPs/Cable companies came back hard. To be honest, I dont know how much money in total, but it was a truckload more to lobby the Trump administration to rescind Net Neutrality.

    So there you have it. This is the crux of what the Net Neutrality issue is. Its corporate warfare to gain control of very lucrative portions of the internet streaming market. I doesnt really have shit to do with you and whether Comcast will restrict your access to your fuckin libtard blogs, and porn. Ikittens…your ginger dick picks are safe!

    Besides Net Neutrality via government regulation by definition means that the “Net” will not be “Neutral” free or whatever you want to call it. If the government gets into it, it then quickly becomes a monopoly. The Government is no different than a corporation. They have the same types of accounting books. Not to mention they have the added interest of getting your votes to grow their corporation through more government programs that give them more power and authority to mismanage and fuck up ever more aspects of our society. It wouldnt be long before they start levying taxes on your bandwidth usage. Which then ACTUALLY DOES increase the cost of your precious content streaming….and trust me no entity on the planet wants to restrict what you watch more than the Government.

    If you let the government convince you that the internet is a public utility, you are a moron and you should be shot. Shit they were trying to get Facebook to shutdown political adds from Russia. They try to get warrants to get ISPs to turn over data about you. They use telcom networks to spy on you….oh yeah it would be so fuck neutral and fair and equal.



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