I was wrong.

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    After fighting it for over three years, I will finally admit that I was wrong. Donald Trump is the leader that our country needed.

    I was neutered by the Obama presidency. Brainwashed, even. Obama told me “Orange Man bad, Crooked Hillary good.” And I listened to him.

    The last three months have revealed the true leadership ability of Donald Trump. Fearless and steadfast when faced with an imminent war with Iran. Unfazed by the Fake News Media as the corrupt Democratic party attempted to impeach him. And most recently, he brilliantly put together one of the greatest task forces we have ever seen as soon as our country began its fight with this invisible enemy, the Chinese Virus.

    I should have known when the democrats fucked Bernie and nominated Hillary to be their candidate in the 2016 election. I should have known after CNN, MSDNC & BoingBoing spent years attacking our president for just doing his job (and doing it well, I might add). I should have known when the democrats were choosing between a senile pedophile, a 78 year old Jew, a white woman who identifies as Native American, and a gay mayor from Indiana… to take on Donald Trump as he looks to win his re-election.

    But I have found the light. As our country battles the Corona– ahem.. the Chinese virus, I find myself glued to my television whenever Trump and his task force begin speaking. If Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Joe Biden were president, the casualties in this country would be tenfold what they are now. How do I know that? The Democratic party, which I once considered myself a part of, tried to cram liberal nonsense into the relief bill. It did not go unnoticed by the American people. Amid what everyone agrees is a crisis and an emergency, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held up a $2 trillion relief bill in an attempt to lard it with non-germane items that should have shamed and embarrassed every member of her party.

    Democrats simply do not care about everyday American citizens. It’s truly terrible.

    On the bright side, a Gallup poll this week recorded its highest ever job approval for the President (49% approve, versus 45% who don’t). Likewise, Trump is getting great marks on his handling of the pandemic, with Gallup showing 60% approval on the subject.

    We are looking at a Trump re-election right in the eyes. And I’ve never been happier. God bless you all, God bless this country, and God bless Donald Trump. Keep America Great!


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