Jimmy Garopollo: The Future is Now

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    Garopollo will implement several things that have made Brady so successful and all of them will result in vast, long-term improvement to the 9ers organization.

    1. There will be zero doubt who the leader of the offense is: JG.
    2. The receivers WILL do things exactly as JG wants them done … or else they won’t be on the receiving ends of any throws.
    3. He will be incredibly demanding of perfection in the running of routes.
    4. He’ll work his ass off to be 100% prepared for every single game.

    In the short term, there will be a bunch of resentment for a couple of these things. Some of the receivers (& others) will be unhappy because … “it’s too much work”.

    You’ll have to get rid of a bunch of very talented players who won’t subsume their own egos to the interests of the team. Or resent being told by the QB how to do their job.

    But the guys who stick around will be willing to work their asses off for the better of the team.
    And you’ll be a much, much better team for his implementing these changes.

    After a few winning seasons, everyone (well, everyone who sticks around) will get on board & be very happy to be in a successful program.

    This is, BTW, exactly the way that the Pats have done what they’ve done for the last 17 years.
    It’s not “cheating”. It’s not whining for calls from the refs. & God knows it’s not preferential treatment from the league.

    It’s simply lots & lots & lots of hard work & preparation.
    And it has to start at the team leaders.



    Highest career passer rating, NFL history, minimum 90 career passes:

    110.1 Jimmy Garoppolo

    104.1 Aaron Rodgers

    103.0 Deshaun Watson


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