K1’s Week 16 NFCW Update

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    NFC West Standings

    Los Angeles Rams: 12-3
    Seattle Seahawks: 9-6
    San Francisco 49ers: 4-11
    Arizona Cardinals: 3-12

    Rams Update:

    The Rams defeated the Arizona Cardinals this week 33-9. In Todd Gurley’s stead, CJ Anderson had 20 carries for 167 yards. He also contributed some key pass blocks, a key and under-rated aspect of any RB’s game. The defense was able to limit the Cardinals to 9 points, as rookie Josh Rosen struggled to get to 87 yards passing. It was a nice rebound game for the Rams defense, albeit against extremely subpar competition. Perhaps the biggest story to stem from the game is the health of Todd Gurley. It has been revealed that he’s been playing on a bum knee since week 1. He’s put up impressive numbers in spite of all this, however the Rams would be wise to let him sit next week against the 49ers. Especially considering that CJ Anderson has proven to be an at least solid contributor moving forward.

    Seahawks Update:

    The Seahawks were able to hold off the Kansas City Chiefs at home by a score of 38-31. In what amounted to a shoot out, the Seahawks defense was able to get key stops during the game to pull away with the victory. The Chiefs did however amass over 400 yards of total offense, a sign that while Russell Wilson’s play is beyond any sort of criticism – the defense is still a problem. He had to be perfect in this game and once again was able to deliver in that regard. An apparent return to health for Doug Baldwin was also important, as he had 7 catches for 126 yards. The key for Seattle moving forward will be ball control and not over exposing a defense that is at this point still very much a work in progress. Whether or not they are able to rely on this formula in the playoffs is yet to be seen, but they should enjoy their win at home against a former AFCW rival this week.

    49ers Update:

    The 49ers lost at home to the Chicago Bears by a score of 14-9. The 49ers were up for this contest, as the game was close throughout. The Bears were able to score a touchdown in the 3rd quarter that was enough to hold off the 49ers. The play of Nick Mullens was again pretty good, although he did have an INT to end a 49er drive. The 49er ground game was entirely shut down, which led to a one dimensional attack for the 49ers. George Kittle did his best to contribute with 7 catches for 74 yards. Kendrick Bourne also contributed with another 7 catches for 73 yards. The 49er defense played well enough to keep the Bears from scoring most of the game, but this is still an under manned and injury ravaged unit overall. Deforest Buckner also notched a sack, bringing his total to 12 on the year.

    Cardinals Update:

    There really isn’t much to say of note here. It continues to look as if both Keim and Wilks are walking dead men. This stat here is brought to you by resident SKA Cardinal fan “AZKardinal”. It’s safe to say he is not a happy camper these days.

    AZKARDINAL • 9 minutes ago
    Here are the Cardinals win totals for the last 8 seasons.
    2010 5 wins
    2011 8 wins
    2012 5 wins
    2013 10 wins
    2014 11 wins
    2015 13 wins
    2016 7 wins
    2017 8 wins
    2018 3 wins

    Overall Analysis:

    The Rams play the 49ers this week in LA, with a win they will secure the #2 seed in the NFC. Rams players and coaches have both said they will be treating this game as a playoff contest. This is an attitude they should have, as a year ago they treated this game against the 49ers as anything but that, and came out flat early on in a home playoff loss to the defending NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons. The Seahawks will host the Cardinals at home, which looks like an easy win for them however the Cards do have a history of winning in Seattle in past games. Whether or not Wilks is able to conjure the ghost of DHC is highly questionable at this point.

    Sando Chat Quotes of year’s past:

    Pre Superbowl 47

    RAMS, CARDS, HAWKS have all let you down in their last SB. How confident are you that the 9ers can do you proud and pull one out from the Ravens?

    Mike Sando (1:12 PM)
    I liked all those other NFC West teams’ chances but feel as though San Francisco is a truer favorite to win the game based on their strength along both lines of scrimmage. That is one area where this 49ers team might have an advantage. The 2005 Seahawks were better on the offensive line, but the 2012 49ers are stronger through their defensive front seven.

    Mike, before the season started, I remember you posted an article about the 9ers not being able to repeat their success and you guaranteed it, because of the trend that was finishing 13-3. I know we did not match the W-L record. But you also noted how most teams failed to reach the playoffs. That they had a decline. Do you have anything to say about it now?

    Mike Sando (1:51 PM)
    I wrote this and would not change a single word: “The current 49ers can still win the NFC West in their second season under coach Jim Harbaugh. They can still win in the playoffs. But if they finish the 2012 season with 13 or more victories, they’ll be breaking from a strong trend. Recent history suggests the 49ers should be thrilled to finish even 10-6 or better this season. Thirteen teams have gone 13-3 since 2004. Those teams won 8.3 games on average the following season. Only three finished better than 9-7: The 2007 Indianapolis Colts (12-4), the 2009 New Orleans Saints (11-5) and 2010 Atlanta Falcons (10-6).”

    ..And then post Superbowl 47

    OleSagginSeahawk (30 miles west of Seattle)
    Sando – Did I miss the 9ers “Silver lining ” article ?, or did you not have the heart to continue their misery.

    Mike Sando (1:18 PM)
    I actually forgot to do one even though our pal from the blog Pete reminded me to do one. Is it too late? Nah, maybe I can work one in there.

    Kurt’s 5 bowls (Belmont, CA)
    Mike, don’t you want the Rams to move to LA? Would beat those 4 hour flights to St. Louis?

    Mike Sando (1:34 PM)
    I would like all four teams to move within five miles of my house. That would be best for me.

    Week 17 NFC West matchups:

    San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams
    Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks



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