Kristina Keal Presents: Best and Worst SKA Krunks!

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    There is a lot of debate on who is the top dog on SKA. The debate is over. Data can be used to show who provides the most and least quality of comments. We will be using one metric to determine who is the best SKA member. This metric is the comment-to-likes received ratio. One can determine their comment-to-like ratio by simply dividing the total number of comments by the number of likes. Ideally, a highly productive SKA member should have a comment/like ratio near 1. Esteemed SKA members have a comment/like ratio below one. Average SKA members have a ratio between 1-2. SKA members who do not provide the place with likable comments have a ratio over 2. There is even a special breed of remarkably unproductive SKA members that have a ratio over 3.

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    DCS=1.12 : DCS provides SKA with the most likable comments. His method is simple yet effective.
    Pi=0.50 : The perverted guru has quite the following on SKA.
    Zippy=0.63 : This is obviously fishy. I suspect Zippy has such a low ratio because he goes to libtard websites and accumulates likes by trashing the President.
    Pineapple=1.03 : Pineapple is the wittiest member here.
    Mike Fucks Animals : 0.89


    Oliver James=2.74 : Oliver doen’t have the worst Comment/like ratio. But when his ratio is weighted using vector analyisis, it is clear that he is in fact the worst SKA member. This does not even count his horrid articles.
    Ron=3.94 : The stingiest SKA member of all time. You could go a lifetime without seeing a like from Ron.
    Yoshii=3.7 : SKA is homophobic.
    Kitten=2.92 : SKA does not appreciate Kitten’s sex offender humor
    DGdub: 2.88
    MFA=2.49 : MFA may be getting older but he remains the best troll on SKA.

    Frauds: Self Likers that should be Ashamed

    Keal: 0.54
    Jordy: 0.57
    Vegas: 0.68
    Beaster: 0.93

    The Rest:

    Maynard: 1.87
    Bader: 2.1
    BMT: 1.72
    Lt. 4905: 1.76
    OSS: 2.14
    Edward: 2.66
    cknuckles: 2.32
    ReTodd: N/A. Deleted Account
    Nav: 1.74
    Bob: 1.45
    Gubby: 2.14
    Brew: 1.58
    Munkey: 1.35
    SacSig: 1.32
    Sc0tti: 2
    Stallion: 1.26
    k1: 1.34
    Halos: 1.79
    Toodlum: 2.41
    Adu: 2.54
    KZ: 1.77
    Lisa: 2.37
    Tribe: 1.55
    BK: 1.67
    VWCAU: 2.55
    FJY: 1.46
    Cinco: 1.55
    Warvette: 2
    Ras: 2.06
    AZK: 1.32
    DHC: Too soon
    Loyal: 2.82
    iGOD: 2.55
    Tigre: 1.86
    HTown: 1.15
    Rae: 3.3
    HawaiianHonky: 3.57
    Blazn J: 1.81
    Chad: 1.28
    Free OK: 1.15
    Ian-SEA: 3
    JohnnyP: 1.72
    MB3: 1.19

    If I didn’t name you, then you aren’t loved and you clearly don’t love SKA. Off yourself.



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