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    It’s a One in a Million Chance….

    “So your telling me  there’s a chance!”

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    Yep, I know that if I listen closely, i can hear Charlie groaning and Turkey

    shrieking. Yes, this is the scenario that gives the Rams the NFC West Title


    St Louis Rams: 5-7

    It’s a given the Rams must win out.

    Next week games vs Washington and Arizona at home on Thurs night are winnable games. Giants  come after this, a game the Rams should win big…The Big “IF” is the last game at Clink vs the Hawks. WE DO IT FINALLY.


    @ Washington W

    vs Cardinals W

    vs Giants W

    @ Hawks W


    Rams finish 9-7 , DIV record 4-2



    Seattle Seahawks: 8-4

    The Hawks are playing teams on the road that are 12-0 this season, so count a loss at Philly.. San Fran gets chippy and beat the Hawks at CLink out of spite! Then the Hawks finish the sweep of the collapsing Arizona Cardinals. Then comes St Louis to end their dreams of a Super bowl Repeat and  Wild Card birth this year. OSS dreams of Mariners baseball at games end.


    @ Philly  L

    vs Niners L

    @ Cardinals W

    vs Rams L


    Hawks finish: 9-7 , DIV record 3-3


    San Francisco: 7-5

    Niners are in…

    total disarray, with rumors of Harbs being let go and Roman promoted by Baalke as the new Niners HC (:o)). Okay, I started that last rumor..so let’s get to the Niner disaster.

    Niners get their big revenge vs Seattle in Week 15,and Niner Nation rejoices. Which is amazing after the monumental loss to the Raiders the week before, with SKA members burning out in shame…BMT and Adusoron both wear names their mothers wouldn’t approve of..But then after that win, the Niners die.

    A Loss vs the Chargers at Levi is the final straw, knowing that the Rams are charging to the top of the Division. Niners get a consolation victory over the Cards in week 17 the Niner rebuild is finally underway, firing everybody but BORLAND.sc0tti rejoices.


    @ Oakland  L

    @ Seattle  W

    vs Chargers L

    vs Cardinals W


    Niners finish 9-7 , DIV record 3-3


    St Louis Cardinals: 9-3

    This is the dangerous one for the members of SKA. There is a raging, bullied Chris Keal, after his Cardinals are in the midst of a monumental collapse. I heard second hand, that Keal is threatening a sale of SKA to Jive Turkey if the Cardinals lose out and miss the Playoffs.  It’s time to face the edge of SKA oblivion, and take that next step into the abyss….Cards lose out


    vs Chiefs  L

    @ Rams L

    vs Hawks L

    vs Niners L


    Cardinals finish 9-7 , DIV record 2-4


    All four teams are tied at years end at 9-7. Rams end up with the the best record within the division at 4-2, giving them the NFC West Crown, and unfortunately after the great start in Arizona, they finish dead last, and SKA is sold to Jive Turkey who features Jordy Poop Pics the first day after..


    2014 NFC West Standings

    Rams   9-7  (4-2)

    Hawks  9-7  (3-3)

    Niners 9-7  (3-3)

    Cards  9-7  (2-4)


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