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    Let me just say it wasn’t easy picking the top 10 elite trolls on SKA. I NOW know what it’s like for HC’s getting down to 53! This is the 2nd annual Top SKA trolls for 2018. It takes, imagination and staying power (*something women love) to be an Elite Troll.

    Let’s get on with the Top 10 Elite List…..

    #10 FJY
     This krunk made the top ten mainly because he loves irritating the fuk out of me. He does have trolling skills though and can hang.

    #9 5Bowls (Aka Cinco)
    No he didn’t make the top 10 because he grows his own weed even though I bet he has weeds in his yard, Lazy fuk..

    #8 Jordy
    This krunk can be so odd when he throws shit up on SKA..literally! Haha But he does have trolling skills. It must come from his mother’s side. Hope he keeps his hair.

    #7 Bader
    He does hang in (*staying power) when he’s getting trolled and has some great comebacks. Maybe that’s why she keeps coming back?

    #6 Munkee
    Love this primate . Hes so smooth wouldn’t mind having him as a pet. Love his humor and his funny!! Wish he trolled more has skills.

    NOW THE TOP 5 ELITE Krunks.

    #5 Scotti
    He has that special personality you have to like and He can get a thread going very easily. Has mad trolling skills and he will use them if neccessary.

    #4 Vegas
    He’s awesome with trolling and he can deflect a troll if it’s about his Packers if it’s in a negative way. He can keep a troll going.
    #3 Bkob
    One of my favorite ska krunks. So witty and funny but he can troll with the best of them. Love his imagination and let’s not forget his massive football knowledge skills.
    #2 MHB aka Pineapple
    One of the best article writers on SKA and he can even troll you in the article! Very witty and has awesome imagination. Loved it when he and I trolled each other.

    #1 Lisa
    This female krunk amazes me to no end! She can take on 3 or 4 ska krunks at once who are tryin to troll her..ask warvette, Bader and Ikitten..If you need to know something about football..don’t Google ask her. I have learned to respect her trolling skills more as time has gone on.
    KUDOS Lisa you deserve being SKA’S #1 ELITE TROLL KRUNK!!

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