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    1. Bader

    He is a family man. He will become a great husband. He has a gentle soul. Bader is a talented poker player and sports bettor. Everyone here should seek his financial advice. He has the body of Hercules and the brain of Einstein. Bader is SKA’s founding member. He will develop dementia soon so we should cherish our time with him.

    2. Sharif

    Our Egyptian friend is a wild man but he posts the bests links here for our entertainment. What would we do without him here late at night? He has a horrid sense of humor but that is needed. Sharif is also on his way to becoming a manager of a Golf club and he will soon have enough money to purchase the site from Keal. Lastly, we should appreciate Sharif’s efforts in keeping K1 in check! That thick-ankled prick is still reeling from the Super Bowl loss.

    3. Sf9ers4905

    4905 is a loving husband and grandpa. He served this nation honorably in law enforcement. He is the best moderator here. He helped Keal track down DHC. He is our Lead Detective. Without him, Keal and Vegas would have believed that DHC was a 30 year old tuba player on facebook. 4905 is also the most Senior 49ers fan here and has witnessed every Super Bowl Championship win. He is one of SKA’s finest members.

    4. Jive

    He is our Enforcer. Our pit bull. Our bully. Our Dark soul. Every blog needs someone that will break knee caps. This 5’2” man from Thailand is as tough as nails. His mother raised him as a girl and sold him to men like VWCUCK on business trips for perverted adventures. He eventually found his way to ESPN and became known as one of the most fierce men on the website. He came to SKA and took down me. Jive went on hiatus in Madagascar but now he is back and he has reclaimed his thrown.

    5. Maynerd

    This guy is a nerd and a gamer in a good way. He helped me build my current gaming and PC setup. He helped me troubleshoot PC problems years ago too. Every blog needs a nerd and he is OUR nerd.

    6. Cknuckles

    Chuck is the best photoshop artist that this website has seen. He has provided us with countless amounts of memes and pictures, much to the dismay of some infamous trolls here. His pictures always bring a smile to my face and keep me coming back to this wretched website. Thank god for him.



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