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    Recently Lisa asked me why I’m on SKA. She said I was a fake fan and should ” stick to baseball”. Presumably, that means sticking to baseball blogs? Well Lisa I’ll answer why I’m on SKA.

    First of all, I am on baseball blogs. The Athletic baseball section, and Athletics Nation to be exact. Yes I am a bigger A’s fan than 49ers fan but that does not make a fake fan. I like to be on a football blog without cheap shots questioning my fandom directed at me. Anyways lets get to the fuckin point. I’m on SKA because I enjoy my early morning conversations with Halo, Ron, and AZK. Eventually a hungover Bader wonders in, and then Brew , Maynard, and Bob. I enjoy sipping coffee and having a nice casual conversation about last nights game, or the week ahead. On weekends it’s usually just me and Ron talking about baseball or the college football day ahead. The point is that it’s nice and chill in the mornings.

    I also enjoy being on SKA for the unpredictably, passion, and trolling Whether it’s Pat’s fan extreme videos at night, anything Yoshii says, or Tribe making weird threats. I am responsible for some of the wildness and well I’m a hothead, that often blows up. On related note the trash talk is nice. Especially when MFA predicts the Cards to win 11 games and then they play like fifth graders. There’s delusional BKOB who mocks the 49ers, but wont say anything negative about the Seahawks. There’s Brew who despises the Vikings so much, that it makes my hate of the SF Giants look tame. There’s the 49ers fan base, that are passionate about their team. My boy FJY isn’t scared of anyone and will make a bet vs anyone at anytime. Hell he made a real life bet vs Vegas. There’s 4905 who has been a 49ers fan longer than my dad’s been alive. He bleeds Red ( of course) AND GOLD. The passion on SKA is second to none. As a passionate guy, I appreciate that. Even the East Board joins in the trash talk. By the way Munkster is the best sly troll I’ve ever seen. He kills you with kindness. BK prefers to kill you with passive aggressiveness.

    Speaking of bets one of my favorite little things about SKA is my bets against Too Short. We do it every baseball season, and find clever ways to troll other fanbases. The old double troll. I love when SKA records all the bets terms for everyone, you the man Bob. Too Short and I, have trolled everyone from the Angels to the Rams to the Astros. I get a laugh about it every single thing time. The Angels got Fucked by Disneyland.

    Okay lets get the football. Being on SKA on a football Saturday or Sunday is awesome. On Saturday it starts at 9 A.M PT and ends at 11:30 PT. The whole college football experience on SKA is fun, and I enjoy it. Everyone is watching the game, and taking shots at each other’s team. Please do not get Scotti started on Jake Browning, or Yoshii started on the SEC. Dub roots for 67 different sports teams, and 40 of them are in CFB. It’s 14 hours of watching football,. I think we can all agree on one thing FUCK OREGON. That experience is duplicated on Sunday at a higher level. With more passion, and trolling. It’s a all day atmosphere of laughing at your rival’s mistakes. Well everyone except Keal who doesn’t care, and just wants his beers. You see Lisa I do watch football and being on SKA during it is a fun experience.

    So Lisa, I hope that answers your question about why I’m on SKA. I could go to just a baseball blog, however I still watch football. Honestely not as much as I used to, but I don’t watch any sport at the same level I did three to five years ago, Life happens. Next week, I’ll be previewing the AL Wild Card game. Yes I know this article sucks. Only Bob is reading it anyways.



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