NAV PRESENTS: This is the last DHC article I promise.

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    I was planning to write a article responding to Split hat’s article. The one he wrote three weeks ago about the Oakland A’s. That article broke me and made me want to crawl under a rock. However, three hours ago Keal revealed that our favorite racist DHC has officially passed away. I wrote a eulogy about DHC before we got final confirmation about his status. I don’t give a fuck if you like the article or not. I’m legit sad about DHC passing and writing is kind of therapeutic for me .

    It is important to note that DHC was 25 years old when he died. He claimed to be in his 30’s but that was refuted by his uncle. I don’t know why he lied about his age. I guess as a community on SKA all we can do is speculate. Maybe he embarrassed that he had a drinking problem that led him to a hospital while he in his 20’s. Maybe he wanted to protect some his personal life from some of the weirdo’s on SKA. I wont list names but there are some on SKA that could go to extreme measures to find out info on a fellow member. We saw what happened to MFA. Although he was the idiot that didn’t black out his business card properly, some members of SKA took that information and did damage to him. MFA might have of had it coming. He told many lies, and SKA members then reveled the truth. The point is that many members of SKA are probably sane, but those few ” bad apples” can destroy lives. Last month split hat threatened to reveal where Lisa worked. I don’t know if he actually knows that information. Revealing that information could very easily run Lisa off the board and cause a SKA civil war. I am actually slightly concerned that my honesty on here will come back to haunt me one day. I’ve said a lot and I don’t want people searching my records.

    Anyways, DHC was clearly in pain. His mother’s death sent him off a deep end. According to DHC’s uncle, his father was a piece of garbage. The amateur psychologist in me thinks growing up without a role model destroyed DHC. He stated that he began drinking when he was a teen. It seems that the drinking never stopped. Adding pills led DHC to a literal deadly combination. He had a chance to stop after his first hospital trip but kept on chugging. His uncle states that losing his girlfriend and his job was the pushing point for DHC. We don’t know if his girlfriend pushed him to a life of drinking, or tried to save him for years and as a last minute resort left him. Meaning that she left him as hope it would be a wakeup call for our boy. I kind of hope that she was trying to help him. It hurts to think that DHC lived a life where no one truly cared for him, and tried to help through his despair. It hurts thinking that he died alone at 25 years old. Maybe that is just me?

    Our boy was a die hard Arizona Cardinals fan. He loved Patrick Peterson and Larry Fitzgerald. I’m going to miss him arguing about the Cards vs rival fans. I’m going to miss him telling Packers fans that Larry Fitzgerald owns them. I’m going to miss him calling MFA a retard that does not know anything about football. I’m going to miss him arguing with AZK about Bruce Arians. SKA probably would have enjoyed his thoughts on where the Cardinals are heading after the retirements from Bruce Arians and Carson Palmer. I think we would have also enjoyed him watching ” tape” of the draft eligible QB’s to decide which one the Cardinals should build their franchise around. Rosen, Darnold, Mayfield or Allen? We will never know which one DHC preferred and that sucks.

    We have been through a lot as a group on SKA. We are kind of like an internet family and we just lost our little brother. Well an older brother for DCS, Vegas and Tribe. DHC was racist and that probably came from his dad. He was clearly an alcoholic but that is no reason to die at age 25. Maybe someone could have helped him if he drank just a little bit less and was still living. I’m going to stop with the hypotheticals now.

    To steal from Pineapple’s article , this is a good time to remind SKA to value life. You never know when you will leave this earth, and try to make the most of it. However, like Bob says ” Be Safe” about it. If you have an issue work on it before it is to late. If you have a drift with a family member maybe work on that relationship before it’s to a point of no return. If you have dreams chase them. I know I’m being corny but like I said it’s a free write and I’m just saying what comes to my mind. BKOB was mocked for having no career aspirations while he went hiking for 7 months, but it is likely an experience he will never forget. I should probably follow my own advise. In real life I am extremely conservative ( not politically but personally. I have an extreme social anxiety that I am working on. It’s getting slightly better, and hopefully one day I’m not such a bitch personally. GO A’S.


    Rest in peace DHC A.KA Log Leg . You lived a hard life brother.



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