NAV PRESENTS: Top 5 Reasons Dub is afraid of the 2019 49ers.

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    So, to get a new article up, I’m going fo write about the 49ers on my phone. I’ll discuss five reasons why Dub is afraid of the 49ers. Yes, I’m going full homer mode . It’s June, talk to me about realistic expectations in September.
    1. The 49ers pass rush is going to be deadly. Russell Wilson will be shaking in his cleats. Deforest Buckner will finish the season with at least 15 sacks. The other pass rushers will finish with 45 sacks, with Dee Ford accounting for 15.
    2. The return of Jimmy G. I am not a full blown Jimmy G homer but he’ll be a solid QB. He will finish the season strong, after getting his feet under him in weeks 1-6.
    3. The 49ers backfield is loaded with talent. Shannahan knows how to utilize RB’s. Brieda is a workhorse, McKinnon and Coleman will provide a solid set of diversified skills. They will be great in the pass game.
    4. George Kittle is the best TE in the NFL, dont fuckin @ me.
    5. I believe Richard Sherman has one monster season left in him. This will be the year, and his success will inspire the rest of the secondary to raise their games. Be afraid Dub, be very afraid. 49ers win the West. Fuck the Rams.


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