Nav Presents: Weekly Friday Rant

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    …(May or may not also contain Libel)

    Hello SKA friends. I will begin every week by saying I’m an idiot that is borderline a disgrace to my family and the Indian community in general.

    Today I like to discuss K1 Joyce our Boston friend love of Jared Goff. K1 Joyce will fight every single person on SKA, if they say one bad word about Goff. Although I admit, I am Goff fan, K1 loves him more than Bob loves an actual good player Kyle Seager, or Seahawk fans in general love Russel Wilson, or Munkey loves Bananas.

    HEY K1 GOFF BROUGHT FOOTBALL BACK TO THE 1950’S WITH HIS 2016 PERFORMANCE. LES SNEAD SHOULD BE FIRED AND DEPORTED TO KOTH KOREA FOR DRAFTING GOFF. 54.6% Completion percentage, LOL, More INT’S than TD’S, and overall looking like a lost man.

    Remember: Goff doesn’t know where the Sun rises.

    Putting that Berkeley education to use Dawg. K1 won’t stop the loving not for nothing, he is on his knees for Goff more than Vegas is on a Saturday night. ALSO, BOSTON BLOWS.
    K1 also thinks Heroin is the same as Marijuana. He wrote it multiple times. He loves Jeff Sessions more than he loves Goff. Oh, Colin Kaepernick, K1 thinks Colin is a god damn fuckin American hero. Fight the good fight Colin- K1. Excuse him, while K1 goes to his safe space.

    While I’m here, shut the hell up Bob. The Mariners are not catching the Astro’s. Yes, I know the A’s suck but that will be addressed later. Dgdub stop rooting for 69 teams. As our War Vet JP once said, “rooting for multiple teams as a grown man is pathetic”.

    Hopefully the rants are better in future weeks. My anger maximized on Tuesday. See you next week.

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