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    One of our most beloved (if not our MOST beloved) seems to have flown the coop. He submitted 4 article submissions in quick succession which are posted below. Farewell Nav. We love you.

    Submission 1:

    It’s been a good six years Keal. I’m on to other stuff. Don’t go looking for me, I’ll send some info in a few months. I have been thinking about getting out of here since February and today seems like as good of a day as any other. I need to focus on a few things for the next couple of months, but I want to get off basically all social media. To be fair to you though, I’ll send you a few photos and videos, when she gets here. one is posted in the article. Yeah that is her. Feel free to do what you want with that photo. I might have a live stream to share with you in December. Be safe, have a tremendous and healthy life.

    Submission 2:

    Attached a second photo of his lovely fiancĂ© with the caption, “Additional photo.”

    Submission 3:

    Attached a third photo of his lovely fiancĂ© with the caption, “Last one.”

    Submission 4:

    I forgot to mention. I want to say goodbye to all of SKA. It was a hell of a run. I’ll miss it but a few things happened where I realize I need to move on with my life, and it’s not just SKA. This is written on my phone so excuse the structure. To Bob you where a great influence from afar. I loved my grandfather dearly, Bob reminds me if him in so many ways. Two of the best men you would ever meet, gentlemen in all aspects of the words. Pat’s fans knows my family, he was a fun blogger. Tribe is my fellow Punjabi, I wish him the best in life. I hope he finds happiness, and has a strong women in his life as well. Vegas is going to do big things. FJY, BKOB, and Shoes are the homies. YANG GANG. Dub is very hard to troll, I appreciate that. K1, is a good man and a fellow big Goff fan. K1, is a solid citizen and a fair dude. Lisa dearly loves the 49ers, we might not have always got along but her fandom is strong. The same applies to 4905, and he raised a strong stable family. Munkey is a funny man, his kids adore him, and he loves to be a passive aggressive troll. Thank you HH, Loyal, Leather , OSS, and JP for your service. You made a sacrifice for the better half of this country. Despite popular narrative I believe HH is a good man. People change, and one’s attitude in their teens doesn’t mean they are that same person in their 30’s. To Scotti we go way back. I wish your mom the best in her fight. You are a great son being their in her time of need. Gubby, you the man. You are controversial but I know you are being sarcastic half the time. Jive, have fun with your girlfriend, wherever you decide to move. Hopefully you find success in whatever you are seeking. Yoshii and MFA are two of the most unique individuals I ever met. Take that for what it’s worth. Lastly, Keal you the coolest mother fucker in the room. Be safe SKA, and I wish you all well in your future endeavors. Go A’s, Go 49ers, go Bob’s teams except when they play the A’s or 49ers.

    Note from the editor: I am 0nly posting one image of the 3 he submitted. It’s very nice. I am very happy for him.



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