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    First of all my laptop sucks so bad, I’m writing this article on my phone.

    Fuck David Kaval. Why didnt you talk to the board of educators before choosing Laney College as the ballpark site. You gave us nothing but false hope, and I’m legit sad about today’s news. FUCK YOU COMMUNITY COLLEGE. ARE YOU ON A 8 YEAR PLAN? WHY THE FUCK DO CURRENT STUDENTS CARE ABOUT 2023?? FUCK THEIR LIBTARD PROFESSORS TOO. DER WE DONT WANT BETTER FACILTIES BECAUSE TRAFFIC AND NOISE. SCHOOLS ARE ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION . Montreal here we come! Anyways what a trash incompotent organization.

    Second, fuck anyone that calls me a fake fan. I’m a die hard A’s fan. Being an A’s fan for three years takes seven years off your life. But I’m a fake 49ers fan though! Hey fuck you. Just because I’m not sucking Shanny’s dick like Adu and 4905 dont mean I’m a fake fan. If you want to look at a fake fan see MFA. MFA is now a Seahawks fan? Claim to have Cards season tickets then root for their biggest rival. He is a bigger sellout than Mike Flynn. I’ll NEVER root for the SF Giants or Angels or Rams.

    • Fuck Pats fan, that god damn white trash cunt should be dragged to the South Side.
    • Fuck Tribe putting a photo of a fake beheading of KZ’s kids. Little punk should be thrown through a wall.
    • Fuck the Mariners, go ahead get Ohtani . Going to be the same 80 something win team that misses playoffs by 1-5 games.
    • Fuck the Angels just because.
    • Fuck K1 the Rams are 9-3 and he is acting like they about to become the 1980 49ers.
    • Fuck Scotti for ruining FPS life.
    • Fuck me for being a retard with no life aspirations.
    • Fuck BKOB. Bkob is a loudmouth faggot. Bkob is a loudmouth faggot. BKOB is a loudmouth faggot. BKOB is a loudmouth faggot. Shove the BKOB report up your hobo ass. Or as Maynard would say the BKOB Bias report.
    • Fuck Adu for being delusional as fuck. You are the reason people laugh at 49ers fans. Always making retarded ass claims that never come true. By the way your obession with the Seahawks is weird. Seek medical attention.

    Well SKA I’m off my mother fuckin meds. To my homie DHC I hope you recover from your medical issues. You our are favorite white trash racist.

    Oh Bob you are in charge of random baseball updates.

    HH and Kitten you be you.

    See you in March.



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