NFC East Positional Group Rankings – Offense

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    1. Eagles- little bit of everything in this group
    2. Giants- Tate & Sheppard are very good
    3. Cowboys- Cooper proved a lot, not buying the Cobb hype
    4. Skins- Trey Quinn and some dudes

    1. Giants- best RB in the league
    2. Cowboys- 3rd best RB in the league
    3. Skins- had Eagles here at 1st,but didn’t want to hear splooz whine
    4. Eagles- Hoping Sanders proves me wrong

    1. Eagles- too easy, stay healthy
    2. Cowboys- Dak gets a ton of shit but he’s a Top 12 QB
    3. Skins- Keenum/Colt stink but there’s hope with Haskins
    4. Giants- Eli is awful and Jones was over-drafted

    1. Eagles- so so deep
    2. Cowboys- Fred coming back is huge for this group that is no longer the best
    3. Skins- Injuries keep this group down, will feel the loss of Nsekhe
    4. Giants- not the nightmare it used to be, still 4th in this division

    1. Eagles- 2 of the top 7 TE’s in the NFL
    2. Giants- Engram a glorified WR but he produces
    3. Skins- Would be #2 if we could count on Reed
    4. Cowboys- lol

    1. Eagles- Elliot bangs in 50 yard GW’s and hit a FG in the SB
    2. Giants- Rosas is very good, doesn’t see much GW action
    3. Cowboys- Maher proving to be solid
    4. Skins- Hopkins is reliable but his leg is limited


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