NFC East Super Bowl Prediction Results

NFC East Super Bowl Prediction Results
User Prediction

The Empire loses.

JosephR2225 27-13 Patriots.

Closer than the score indicates. Eagles driving late to tie, drive stalls on fourth down, Patriots respond with a game-sealing TD.

Tigre Eagles 23
Patriots 26
Frenchie There is something special about this Eagles team. From their strong sense of faith and unity to their ability to overcome obstacles that would have crippled most teams. They’re wired differently. They’ve carried themselves in a manner that has been pleasing and exciting in a humble way.
From an X’s and O’s standpoint, where the Eagles have advantages are BIG advantages. And they hold the advantage in the trenches, which is the biggest key to the game. But they will be conveniently bypassed by the majority of experts when contemplating who wins for they do not have Brady or Belichick.
And for that, they remain underdogs. Which is PERFECT! The doubt about this team is what has made getting to this point special. And a special season like this will end in fitting fashion…..with a 60 yard GW FG by Elliott because why not!

Eagles 24, Patriots 21


Matt Pats win
Philly burns to the ground
DallasCowbysSux Eagles 38 – Patriots 20
Nick Foles SB MVP
Tom Brady 2 ints (1 pick six)
Ajayi and Blount 100+ yrs rushing each
Chris Long 2 sacks
Badger Philly has the lead at the half. New England ultimately wins
Lupo yelling and bourbon…. Eagles shock the world
Badger Philly scores the first points of the game
 Badger NE will win the turnover battle
Badger NE will have more rushing yards and rushing TDs
Pinguinus Decimus Meridius Fuck the Eagles and that giant criminal menstruation stain they call their fan base
justin regardless of who wins, splooz will suck at least one dick this weekend.

Pats in a boring easy win.


 mytee PAIN! New England 420 – Philadelphia – 2
Stampy Eagles 20
Pats 17
Choyboy Eagles 45 Patriots 17
Mrs. Mosely s snizz Pats get pounded and so do I.
Weechdog40 Patriots 27
Eagles 24
gatrbuc17 Philly 27……Pats 24