NFC East: Washington Redskins 3 Year Plan to Contend

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    By Mytee

    The Washington Redskins find themselves in a tough spot.

    A decent offensive line, with an aging, injury prone star,

    A decent stable of running backs, including a great third down back, a youngster with high upside coming off an ACL and possibly bringing back the immortal Adrian Peterson.

    Their tight ends are solid, but with an injury prone star that seemed to have dimmed last year.  An ageless wonder and a young, solid prospect on the roster round out a solid group.

    The receivers are a mess with the possibility of losing Crowder in free agency, Doctson continuing not to show up… but with two young up and comers that can contribute in Simms and Quinn.

    The QB situation is a mess, even without two broken legs.

    The defense is in a little better shape, but not by much.

    The defensive line is stacked with three young studs, an aging star but with a big hole on the quarterback’s blindside.

    The off ball backers are also in flux.  Do they bring back Zac Brown to side with Rueben Foster?  Rob Ryan may have been brought in to help Brown.  I’d love that combo moving forward.  Cutting Brown would save 3.5 mil against the cap, but with so many other holes, I just don’t see the point.

    Lots of decisions need to be made in the backfield including finding two safeties, deciding rather or not to keep Norman and continue grooming his opposite side.   Depth at both safety and corner is serviceable but the backfield lacks a true playmaker.  Norman shouldn’t be paid what he’s paid.   But again, with so many holes, perhaps it’s wiser to keep him until a draftable replacement is made.

    QB, Receiver, Guard, Blindside Edge, Safety.  That’s the immediate needs with decisions needed at corner back.

    Strong side edge, LT, TE will be upcoming needs and will need to be addressed in three years or less.

    The Skins could roll the dice and try to draft a QB this year.  They’d have to move up pretty high and surrender a 1st next year for Murray or Haskins.   Lock and Davis have potential to be there at 15.  They aren’t homeruns.   Haskins would be the 4th QB taken last year.  He’s considered QB1 this year.   The Skins could pass and look at one of the many QBs next year.   These QBs are pretty good. There’s three or four of them that will easily go top 10.   Then there’s 2021.  Andrew Luck 2.0 hits draft eligibility.   Clemson QB, Trevor Lawrence.   They call him Peyton Manning with a lot more athleticism and a much stronger arm.  Sure, he’s played on a stacked team with some unbelievable WR play, but he made the most of it either way.   The Skins haven’t had an All Pro in a long time.  They haven’t had a top QB since the 60s and then again not since the 40s.   Trevor Lawrence has the potential to be the next great QB.

    If you’re patient enough to waffle for two years, build the roster and go hard for the QB in 2021, the Washington Redskins might just be able to build a team to replace the Patriots.

    With 8 draft picks this year, including four compensatory picks, the Redskins should focus on BPA.   Skip the QB and start building the roster that is full of holes.

    With the first pick, the Skins should focus on drafting the best of a stacked group of Wide Receivers or Edge Rushers.  Pick up DK Metcalf or Jachai Polite in the first.   Trade back and gain a few more picks and still grab a great receiver or edge prospect.   Use the second to draft a guard, a corner, a safety.   Continue drafting PBA and stock the roster.   I’m partial to the receiver but the 2020 draft is also loaded with offensive talent.   2019 is the defensive heavy draft.  2020 is the offensive heavy draft.   The team has a chance to take a slipping defender or an offensive juggernaut due to the strengths of these drafts.     Without trading a pick, the Skins could build a solid team heading into the 2021 season, with every piece ready.  The receiver with a year or two under his built.  The defense with a defensive line coming into it’s prime.    An offense ready for Trevor Lawrence.

    Even with the need to trade up to secure the #1 pick of 2021, the Skins would have tons of spilled over cap room to make splashes in free agency if they are in need of a player or two.

    In short, the Redskins need to focus on building a roster with many holes and not a lot of stars.  Reaching desperately for a QB now would not be in the team’s long term interest.  With a ton of much better QBs next year, the best since Luck in 2021, the Skins need to work on building their roster, securing draft capital for potential trade ups and keeping the cap manageable over the next two years.   By the time the QB is ready, the team will also be built and ready to win.

    Take D.K. Metcalf now.  Let him develop and grow and he’ll be ready in two years to dominate. Or take the best speed rusher that drops.

    Take the best guard on the board in the second.

    Next year, take the edge or receiver at BPA.  Focus on draft accumulation for the 2021 draft.  If need be, trade the first in 2020 to a QB needy team for their 2021 first.  The Skins should finish 2019 with a top ten pick in 2020 and again in 2021.  Load up to ensure you can move to one. First priority.  Draft for depth with remaining picks.

    2021, you’re all in on the number 1 pick.   The team is built.   Ready to win.

    If going all in on one player doesn’t pass your risk test, the point for this year still stands.  This is not the year to draft the quarterback.  2020 or 2021.    The Skins could very well be in position to take a top 3 QB next year without needing to surrender a pick.    Cut Alex Smith now.  Take the cap hit.  Roll with Colt and Josh in 2019.  Take advantage of the 5 or 6 QBs in 2020 or 2021.


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