NFC East Wild Card Weekend

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    Quick notes:

    SEA @ DAL

    Ranks (DVOA):


    DAL – 11th overall

    11th pass

    5th run

    6th scoring

    SEA – 19th overall

    13th pass

    17th run

    11th scoring


    DAL – 23rd overall

    26th pass

    19th run (strange)

    22nd scoring

    SEA – 9th overall

    6th pass

    7th run

    6th scoring

    1st meeting was week 3. Seattle was 0-2, Dallas was 1-1. Seattle won 24-13 in their home opener. Earl Thomas had 2 ints, he will not play this game. Amari Cooper was not a Cowboy, he will play this game. DAL is much better at home this season than away. However, Russell Wilson is the new age Aaron Rodgers, he keeps you in the game ‘til the end no matter what, in most cases. Bobby Wagner is still a game wrecking MLB. Tyler Locket is a game wrecking deep threat. And their offense has picked up steam, hence the DVOA rankings. Should be a good game. SEA has the better coach. Kris Richard proved to be not much of a factor last go around. Not very confident, but will be disappointed with a loss I think.  Dallas needs to spy Wilson all game with Jaylon Smith imo. Cooper needs to be fed early but Zeke needs the lion share of the touches in this game.

    PHI @ CHI

    Ranks (DVOA)


    CHI – 1st overall

    1st pass

    2nd run

    1st scoring

    PHI – 18th overall

    15th pass

    9th run

    12th scoring


    CHI – 21st overall

    20th pass

    16th run

    9th scoring

    PHI – 14th overall

    11th pass

    27th run

    18th scoring

    Defense, Defense, Defense is the name of the game in Chicago. Akiem Hicks is having a freakish year. He and Mack seem to be a perfect pairing. This game will come down to the quarterbacks and pass protections. Can Mitch prove he is capable of winning a playoff game, can Nick keep his magic alive? Both will need the time in the pocket to do so. Also going to be fun to see two generations of jitter bugs, Darren Sproles the OG and Tarik Cohen the youngin’. Chicago is the #3 defense versus TE’s, which is the focus of PHI’s offense. And #1 against deep passes, which seems to be what really gets the eagles offense going. If only the eagles had a running game to keep Hicks, Mack and crew on their heels… Been a while since Soldier Field had a playoff game, I expect a very loud crowd. If PHI wins this one, they get some crazy momentum going into next week.


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