NFC West – A Call For Ceasefire

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    I come here again after many months to consume the same vile toxicity that caused myself, Honky, and Lisa to flee from this place. Somewhere now there is shooting and men are being hunted and imprisoned and tortured and murdered, some corner of a peaceful world is being trampled upon, and one knows it, helplessly, and life buzzes on in Keal’s incubator. I sit here in bed typing this on my laptop gifted by now by my thick woman between pale chrysanthemums and a bottle of don julio…seeing Ian fight for the common man. We must fight on, even when this is no hope. We must fight on, even when Toodlum got to celebrate a tainted victory while he should be locked up with Ghislaine. However, life is about making the best of what we’re given.






    Triberius Claudius Nero Kunt

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