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    WARVETTE PRESENTS: I assume Bob still reads these?

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    Now that the season’s over, and we know the Patriots win, here’s a little blurb about each team’s future. nfcs NOrlins: Hopefully Stains fans can now go back to wearing paper bags on their heads like they did all through our childhood. Most of us were adults before we found out how ugly Louisiana people really are. FAILCLOWNS:…

    PoP Presents: NFC East Season Recap

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    Dallas Cowboys: 10 – 6 The season got off to a bit of a rocky start. After going 3-5 in the first 8 games of their season, Jason Garrett’s seat was getting hot and things were looking down for the Cowboys. Shortly thereafter they managed to trade for Amari Cooper and two weeks later caught…

    NFC East – Where are they now

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    Where are they now – NFCeast blog Weech (DAL)- Moved to SEA to be a gay male prostitute, spends more time on knees than on phone these days. They call him “the sanctuary man”, all humans are safe to come inside him. Injay (WAS)- Drove to RG3’s house one night to track down his wedding…

    K1’s NFC Divisional Round Recap

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    Divisional weekend is often considered one of the best weeks of football. The NFC offered competitive games while the AFC sadly did not. The featured games in this article will be the NFC games, hence the title. Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams (30-22 Rams win) The storyline the media created for this game was…

    NFC East Divisional Round

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    Time to steal some road wins….!!!! DAL NOTES: Cowboys have momentum but need to score points. Should also be plenty of Cowboys fans there in LA. Last meeting: LAR @ DAL – Rams won 35-30 Biggest differences since then: Dallas LB corps – No Sean Lee that game, Jaylon different player than last year, added…

    NFC East Wild Card Weekend

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    Quick notes: SEA @ DAL Ranks (DVOA): Defense: DAL – 11th overall 11th pass 5th run 6th scoring SEA – 19th overall 13th pass 17th run 11th scoring Offense: DAL – 23rd overall 26th pass 19th run (strange) 22nd scoring SEA – 9th overall 6th pass 7th run 6th scoring 1st meeting was week 3.…


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    The NFL Regular season has ended with probably the most depth at starting QB we have ever seen but none are more relevant than this season’s future MVP, Patrick “SHOWTIME” Mahomes. He is the new Messiah of football. He has revolutionized the position with his unorthodox throwing ability and knack for making a play no…

    NFC East Week 17

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    Quick Notes: Ezekiel Elliott – 3 seasons, 2 rushing titles, 2 probowls, 1 first team all pro (prob 2),  2 trips to playoffs, 3 winning seasons. Carson Wentz – 3 seasons, 1 broken knee, 1 broken back, 1 probowl, 1 losing season, 2 unfinished seasons. Josh Johnson vs the Universe. Let’s go Josh! Justin was…

    The Cancer of Stallion

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    If you tried to sign in this morning and post a comment, you might have been surprised to find out you’ve been banned from SKA, along with 100 other people. As you guys know, the obnoxious spamming the past few days have been done by Stallion, mostly as a cry for help, begging Yoshi to…

    NFC East Week 15

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    By Justin, Quick thoughts: -Beast curse is a bitch…. -Then there’s whatever the hell curse the Redskins have, that seems worse… -Hold it together CW. No need to get ragey…. -MAGA