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    The Cancer of Stallion

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    If you tried to sign in this morning and post a comment, you might have been surprised to find out you’ve been banned from SKA, along with 100 other people. As you guys know, the obnoxious spamming the past few days have been done by Stallion, mostly as a cry for help, begging Yoshi to…

    NFC East Week 15

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    By Justin, Quick thoughts: -Beast curse is a bitch…. -Then there’s whatever the hell curse the Redskins have, that seems worse… -Hold it together CW. No need to get ragey…. -MAGA

    NFC East Week 13: Monday Morning Links

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    DALLAS COWBOYS (6-5) New Triplets? Maybe not, but Zeke, Dak and Amari off to promising start Jason Garrett cools off the hot seat with a three-game winning streak and playoff push Can Ezekiel Elliott put himself in the MVP race with a big game against the Saints? WASHINGTON REDSKINS (6-5) Full week of reps should…

    NFC East W11

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    Do the the Eagles suck? …or do the eagles suck?

    NFC East W10 – We all suck

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    NFC East Week 9

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    The ads are ruining Disqus and Keal is too greedy to care.


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    Article content: Who gives a shit no one reads these.

    NFC East Week 5 Obser….ah fuck it we suck…

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    It’s kind of comforting to be back where we belong. The NFCE had teams in 2016 and 2017 go 13-3 and earn the #1 seed in the NFC, so we didn’t have any weeks like this. There’s a comforting familiarity – nostalgia, perhaps – with seeing our pitiful teams go 0-4 for the first time…


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    Well let’s have another week at this. Some will be based on stats others on hearsay from this blog and some just outright laziness and guesses. So here we go…. QB: Carson Wentz Look all the East QB’s have been playing shitty…all of them. But if the Skins fans want to put Smith here…no issues…

    FUWS PRESENTS: 2018 NFC East All Beast Team

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    Well let’s see how much complaining I can get with this article QB : Alex Smith, Carson Wentz RB: Zeke , AP WR: OBJ, Alshon, Sterling Shepard TE:Ertz , Reed T:Lane ,Trent G: Martin , Brooks, Scherff C:Kelce , Looney Edge: DLaw , D.Barnett DL: Fletcher, Ionnadis DB :Jones, Norman, Darby LB: Jaylon, Hicks, Brown…